Economy SFR drops its fiber internet box to € 10...

SFR drops its fiber internet box to € 10 (instead of € 38) 🔥


SFR has just announced a very good promo offer, called “Welcome Back”, for its internet box. Its most popular offer, which includes Fiber and very fast speed, sees its price drop to just € 10 per month, in a special offer until June 8. If you wanted to take advantage of the weekend to save money, this is the perfect time.

This is a very aggressive and time-limited offer that SFR offers us on its fiber box subscription. Today’s simply the best price offered on fiber in the first year of subscription on the market. To find the details of this promo offer on the SFR internet box, this is where it happens:

Take advantage of the offer

SFR Fiber limited series: ultra-fast broadband at a bargain price

The SFR Fiber Limited Series box is therefore reduced to € 10 per month for one year, with a commitment of twelve months. Beyond that, the price goes back to its classic price, namely € 38 per month. It offers a downlink speed of 500 Mb / s, and an upstream speed of 50 Mb / s. Calls are unlimited to landlines in France and 100 destinations and 160 channels are included in this offer.

In terms of TV offer, the SFR Plus decoder offers HD streams, a hard drive to store your recordings, and voice control. Small bonus, an SD card reader is also available. For storage, SFR also offers 10 GB offered on the brand’s cloud service, so you can find your content on your various media.

Commissioning fees are charged at € 49, and SFR offers you up to € 100 to cover the termination costs of your current operator. Very important point, if you are not eligible for fiber, this offer is also available in ADSL.

You choose your internet box

For this good SFR plan, you can choose your internet box to take advantage of this Special Fiber offer. In the basic price, you are entitled to the classic operator’s box, but you can opt for the very recent SFR Box 8. This new generation box includes support for WiFi 6 for better speed and better network stability without -wire. It is also more interesting on the multimedia part, with support for 4K, HDR and Dolby technologies. It also incorporates Alexa, which makes it a real connected speaker. The SFR Box 8 is optionally billed for € 7 per month.

With its Limited Back Welcome Series offer on its internet box, SFR also offers special offers on services like Netflix, SFR Ciné Séries or OCS (€ 1 for the first month for the latter), and offers the Multi TV option for watching your favorite channels on two televisions simultaneously (€ 3 per month).

This flash sale on the SFR Fiber Internet Box ends June 8. To subscribe and take advantage of the rate of € 10 per month, simply go to the SFR site and test your eligibility. The operator will take care of canceling with your current operator. We remind you, a price of € 120 for a year with a fiber offer of the quality of that of SFR, it is simply unbeatable over such a period.

Take advantage of the offer

In normal times, the SFR Internet box costs 38 € per month. In the first year, you therefore benefit from a total saving of € 336, i.e. 74% reduction.

SFR covers more than 11 million households with Fiber

By doing the eligibility test on the SFR site, you will immediately know if your home is connected to the operator’s fiber. The latter announces on its official website that it will cover more than 11 million fiber homes, the rest being served by ADSL.

The big cities are of course the most affected by this coverage, but the villages are also starting to be eligible for the offer. We remind you that this SFR internet flash box sale also concerns the ADSL offer, and the price of € 10 is also unbeatable in this segment for the first year.



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