Shaanxi men’s team wins two consecutive victories in table tennis competition at the 14th National Games

Shaanxi men’s team wins two consecutive victories in table tennis competition at the 14th National Games

2021-09-17 21:04:17Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network reported on the 17th that the much-watched 14th National Games table tennis match was shot at the Yan’an University Gymnasium. The Shaanxi men’s table tennis team played at home and won two consecutive victories in the team competition that day. The prospect of qualifying is optimistic.

In preparation for the 14th National Games cycle, Shaanxi Men’s Table Tennis achieved breakthroughs in many events. Veteran Hou Yingchao won the Men’s Singles Championship in the National Championship, and young player Serinwei also won the first international championship of his career. For this team, the goal of participating in the National Games at home is to strive to make history. The table tennis team competition of the 14th National Games is divided into 4 groups, and the top 2 of each group advances to the top 8. The host Shaanxi men’s team and the Henan, Hubei, Shanxi and Macau teams are in Group C. In the same group, the Henan team and the Hubei team are stronger. The Henan team is led by world champion and National Games champion Zhou Yu. The team also includes young national players such as Yu He Yi and Niu Guankai, while the Hubei team has chipper Matt and straight star Xue Fei.

As the top two in the group qualify, for the Shaanxi men’s team, they must fight for victory when facing their strong rivals, and the opponent Henan team in the first round is undoubtedly the first “big mountain” that needs to be faced. In the first game, Salinway played against Zhou Yu. Facing the experienced world champion, Salinway played well and got a good start 3-1. Hou Yingchao, who appeared later, also won with the same score. In the third game, Gui Chenkai and Niu Guankai faced each other across the net. Gui Chenkai was overturned by his opponent with a big score of 2:0. In the crucial fourth contest, Salingway fought with Yu He to the decisive game. Although lagging behind 1:4 in the opening stage of the deciding game, Serinway stabilized his position and made more changes while improving the quality of the service. It also reduced unnecessary errors in the stalemate stage, and finally won the key to this game. war. In the second round of the match with the Shanxi team that afternoon, thanks to the outstanding performance of Hou Yingchao and Sailingwei, the Shaanxi men’s team won the game 3-1 and won two consecutive victories since the start of the game.

Text / Yan Bin, Chief Correspondent of Xi’an Newspaper Industry Media / Wang Jian, Chief Correspondent of Xi’an Newspaper Media


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