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Warnings continue, and serious potential dangers announced by specialists about a drug that is the most violent on the minds of its addicts and the fastest killing man has made to destroy his fellow man. (Shabu) is highly effective, quickly addictive from the first dose, and makes its users severe hallucinations. Hearingly, visually and tactilely, to kill the people closest to his heart, so he imagines pictures and imagines things that do not exist in reality due to the effect of this dangerous substance.

The security services recorded a number of heinous crimes for Shabu users. The last of which was a young man who burned his mother, father, sister and brother in the Qatif governorate by pouring gasoline on them and setting them on fire during the day in Ramadan. under the flames.

And in the Rabigh governorate, his grandmother’s grandson was killed after a dose of Shabu made him lose all consciousness, so that he would kill the one who raised him and took care of his affairs, so charity exchanged her for death by suffocation, before putting her inside a freezer for several days, hoping that he would escape from his crime. And the crimes do not stop there, as a forty-year-old man burned his friend’s soul inside his car after he lured him from inside his house to carry out his crime without blinking an eyelid.

Addictive at first!

The most deadly and most dangerous narcotic crimes for society necessitated the issuance of dozens of warnings from specialists about shabu, which causes rapid addiction to it. The cheapest and most destructive of minds and bodies.

The security expert and addiction consultant, Dr. Sami Al-Hamoud, warned of the danger of shabu, stressing that it causes murder, violence and suicide, telling the tragic story of a young man who used this substance and killed his mother and then committed suicide, indicating that addiction to “shabu” can occur from eating once and its effect remains. for years even after takeoff.

Al-Hamoud stressed the relationship between committing crimes and using Shabu. Because it has a strong influence on the aggression of its abusers, and he said that the wife of one of those addicted to this substance stated that if he entered the house, he would say, “I smell blood and I want to burn the house with those in it.” Another burned his house last Ramadan on his wife and child, and the wife and child died immediately, and the husband joined them two days later. He added that shabu affects neurotransmitters and penetrates the nervous communication system, which is the area of ​​control and control of the body, and its effect on the body’s hormones is double, and causes suicide tendencies among its users, killing, violence, and out of the ordinary.

Like broken glass

Addiction counselor Al-Hamoud narrated a tragic story of a young man who committed suicide, and when his brothers returned to their home, they discovered that their mother had been shot dead with two bullets in her head, indicating that the most important reasons for young people falling into the trap of addiction are the family and a bad friend.

Al-Hamoud added that shabu is one of the serious challenges to the country, our families, and our youth, and it is a type of new industrial drug, a substance similar to broken glass or ice broken into small pieces, and taken by injection, swallowing, smoking, and inhaling fumes.

It destroys brain cells

The Public Prosecution confirmed that the criminal responsibility for committing serious damage to narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances lies with those who took them and everyone who participated in their consumption or abuse. She said that the banned and psychotropic substance is known as methamphetamine, and it is listed in category (B) of the second schedule attached to the Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Control System included in the United Nations Convention of 1971, which is known as the green list and is issued by the International Narcotics Control Board.

She explained that shabu is known by several names, namely (shabu), (crystal meth), (ice), (snow) and (glass), indicating that the ways to take it are inhalation through the nose, injection, smoking, and swallowing.

She added that the symptoms of shabu abuse include weight loss and appetite, dilated pupils, lack of sleep for long periods, as well as involuntary movement of the face, sharp outbursts of anger, mood swings, audio-visual hallucinations, severe tooth decay and falling out, high respiratory rate and heartbeat, and itching. skin, dry mouth and pale skin, committing outrageous behavior and morals, and committing horrific crimes.

She added that the health effects of shabu are represented in memory loss, hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, nervousness, violence and talkativeness, psychological and physical disorders, in addition to psychosis, early signs of aging, destruction of brain cells, heart disease, heart attacks and death.

Friday sermon for awareness

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs did not fail to raise awareness of the dangers of (shabu), so it instructed mosque preachers in the regions of the Kingdom to dedicate a sermon today, Friday, to talk about the danger of drugs, and the necessity of educating young people about the danger of drugs of different types and names, the most dangerous of which is the substance (shabu), which is a chemical substance that has devastating effects on the device The human central and nervous system (mind) and the immune system.

The Ministry warned of the need to report drug smugglers, dealers and drug users, and to clarify the truth about drug dealers, and that they work according to an external agenda targeting the members of society, citizens and residents.

The sermon addresses the efforts of customs men, drug control men, security men, and the honorable citizens who work to protect society from the scourge of drugs, praying for success, aid and preservation, and the necessity of cooperating with them in protecting society from this scourge and its promoters.

How is the treatment?

Addiction treatment doctors revealed how to treat alcohol addiction, through several stages, foremost of which are examination and diagnosis. Where the first stage in the treatment of shabu addiction begins with the examination. At that stage, the patient is taken to the analysis laboratory, and then they begin to know the patient’s condition and the extent of the drug’s reach to him, and then begin to determine appropriate treatment programs for his condition.

The second stage is by defining an appropriate treatment program, and it begins with treating shabu addiction by developing a treatment program suitable for the patient’s condition as well as suitable for his social condition.

Among the stages of treatment are psychological programs and psychological rehabilitation. In the third stage of treatment of shabu addiction, psychological treatment begins, which is considered a major part of the treatment stage. Psychiatrists begin to know the psychological reasons behind the patient’s addiction. Whether the psychological problems caused by the family or the psychological problems caused by some of the pressures of life.

Then start taking a specific method in dealing with this situation from a psychological point of view so that the patient can skip that stage and engage normally in society again.

Facing temptations and bad friends

The specialists did not ignore the behavioral and social rehabilitation. After the patient receives drug addiction treatment, he must be trained to deal with society again normally, because one of the negative things in addiction is the occurrence of many problems between the drug user and those close to him, which leads to the impact of those relationships, so the drug user is trained and rehabilitated to deal normally again. other.

On the other hand, the patient’s behavior is corrected and trained to face the temptations that motivate the patient to return to anesthesia again and enter the stage of relapse, so the patient is rehabilitated to deal with bad friends and all the temptations that motivate him to return to anesthesia again.

One of the most important stages identified by doctors is the post-treatment stage, and the stage is considered important in the journey of recovery from addiction, as the task of the stage lies in following up on the recovering person first, and periodic meetings are held between all recoveries to remind them of the seriousness of addiction as well as to ensure that they do not return to addiction again. Recovered patients are also asked to help and motivate patients who are in the treatment phase. Doctors advise against treating shabu addiction at home, due to the lack of required monitoring for the patient, which is an essential part of the treatment phase, and the absence of medical follow-up exposes the patient to failure in treatment. Psychological and social for the patient, and if all these conditions are met at home, then the home becomes a suitable place for treatment.

Auditory hallucinations ending in crime

The security expert, retired Major General Masoud Al-Adwani, warned against addiction to shabu, which is one of the most dangerous types of newly created and manufactured drugs known as crystal, which found popularity and a way for Arab societies.

Al-Adwani stated that shabu comes in the form of small, transparent crystals, and it is a synthetic drug that has no plant origin, and is manufactured using methamphetamine. The danger of using this substance is due to the speed of addiction to it, as it was found that there are those who are addicted to it from the first use of it, so when young people start using it, they feel a sense of euphoria and false happiness, but soon the happiness of deadly beginnings does not last, and the user suffers from excessive aggressive behavior towards everyone He even transformed himself as a result of auditory and visual hallucinations, and within a few months the appearance of the shabu user changed from a young man in his twenties to an old man in his seventies.

Al-Adwani continued, that shabu addiction causes damage to brain cells, strokes, memory loss and a feeling of fatigue all the time, and the user appears to have suicidal thoughts and aggressive behavior, especially with his family, and he may commit violent and horrific crimes based on the hallucinations caused by shabu addiction.

The aggressive security expert confirmed that (Shabu) gives the user auditory hallucinations. That is, he hears unreal voices speaking to him, or visual hallucinations whereby he sees things that do not exist and believes them, and may lead the abuser to lose mental capacity and insanity.

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