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▼▲ Stephen Curry accidentally tripped over by a service staff. (Picture / Retrieved from Twitter)

Stephen Curry accidentally tripped over by a service worker.  (Picture / Retrieved from Twitter)

In the third game of the NBA Western Conference Championship, the Warriors defeated the Mavericks 109:100 on the 23rd. The series was the first to draw cards, and there was only one step away from the championship game. The Warriors’ brother Stephen Curry was full of fire in the playoffs. The game scored another 30 points and set a super crazy record. However, the accident that Kerry was tripped by a staff member in the second quarter made the Warriors fans angry, and Kerry himself responded to this after the game.

The incident happened in the last 3.8 seconds of the first half, when Mavericks forward Reggie Bullock was about to shoot a 3-pointer. Seeing this, Curry rushed to defend, and then stared at the ball and ran back along the sideline, but during the movement However, he was accidentally tripped by a service staff at the Dallas home court. Kerry fell to the ground with a very dissatisfied expression. He got up and looked at the other party, his hands spread out quite helplessly. Fortunately, the fall did not cause a tragedy.

Although this seemed to be an accident, it caused dissatisfaction among many Warriors fans, who wrote on Twitter in the United States: “Did Mark Cuban (Mone Ranger boss) hire someone to trip Curry?”

Kerui said after the game: “There were still 30 seconds before the halftime break. If you want to send a drink, you should wait until the halftime break. I don’t know why they sent it right away, thank God I’m fine, the staff will do it. He’s supposed to do the job, so hopefully he’ll get a big tip.”

Please click here to watch the video of Kerui being tripped by the staff

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