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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) cooperated with SpaceX on the 23rd to send astronauts to the International Space Station. It was reported that there were unidentified flying objects before the spacecraft successfully docked with the International Space Station ( UFO) approached or even crashed into the spacecraft. SpaceX scientists asked astronauts to dress up and deal with the tension of the possible collision.

On the 23rd, NASA and SpaceX cooperated for the third time. They carried out the Crew-2 mission at 5:49 am EST (5:49 pm, Taiwan time), and used the spacecraft “Crew Dragon Endeavour” to send 4 astronauts. To the International Space Station. On the 24th, the spacecraft successfully docked with the space station, but it was also reported that an unidentified flying object approached the spacecraft before that, and might even crash into the spacecraft. Astronauts were required to wear space suits just in case.

The New York Post reported that the live footage captured the tension when SpaceX scientists notified astronauts that an unknown object might hit.

The screen shows that Sarah Gillis, SpaceX’s chief space operations engineer, issued a broadcast to four astronauts, pointing out that an object may be found very close to the spacecraft, and asked the astronauts to immediately put on space suits and return to their seats. on.

Gillis said that the unidentified object may hit the spacecraft within 20 minutes at the earliest, because the time is too fast to derail the spacecraft.

The screen shows that French astronaut Thomas Pesquet responded: “Received, you want us to wear spacesuits to deal with possible collisions.”

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Ten minutes later, the American astronaut Megan McArthur informed Gillies that two astronauts had been dressed and seated, and that the other two were now putting on space suits.

After a while, Gillis notified the astronauts that the unknown object was farther than expected and the risk of encountering it was lower than expected.

Kelly Humphries, a spokesperson for NASA’s Johnson Space Center (Johnson Space Center), said in an interview on the 26th that the original warning of a possible collision was derived from an error report. After further analysis, they determined that the spacecraft and the The possibility of unidentified objects meeting is a false alarm, “Flying Dragon Endeavour has no collision threat from beginning to end, and the astronauts will continue to perform missions safely.”

Article Source:Tense exchange aboard SpaceX craft records ‘possible close call’

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