Shadowlands will be better than Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth has definitely disappointed many of us. Straight out of the excellent Legion, our adventure quickly rubbed shoulders with many mechanics full of chance and aspects of the game completely different to expectations. World of Warcraft appears to be in a much better shape with its Shadowlands expansion which released on Monday, November 23, 2020.

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Each new expansion of World of Wacraft has aspects aimed at attracting players. For Battle for Azeroth, Warfronts and Island Expeditions were at the center of these. This first, first presented as a PvE mode of 20 players who would give body and soul to develop their base of operations and be at the center of a crusade against the enemy castle.

Although in itself this description is not wrong. In fact, it was almost impossible to lose a Warfront. Most of the little mechanics weren’t necessary to achieve a victory either. What’s more, since everything is so easy, the mode feels like playing alone, since no one really needs to communicate.

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The Islans Expeditions, on the other hand, have gone from a new Player versus Player mode that would cause many conflicts and skirmishes to mine Azerite to a simple race in parallel with the opposing faction. That’s not to mention the fact that players wanting to optimize their Legendary Necklace had to do as much as possible, until they vomited.

Well for Shadowlands, the intriguing mode takes place within Torghast, the tower of the damned. According to players who took part in the beta and first impressions from the community over the past few days, it’s a great success. The tower, inspired by the Roguelikes games, seems to be unanimous among its audience. Then, in the event that a player does not like this mode, they will not be required to participate in it on the same scale as Island Expeditions demanded.

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WoW Classic learnings

World of Wacraft: Classic landed in August 2019, a year after Battle for Azeroth. It goes without saying that Classic has been a huge success for both players and Activision’s financial year. Given this success, the team behind the modern version of the game seems to have studied the success of the original more closely.

Indeed, several classes return to a version more similar to their original. For example, the Paladins have recovered their Auras. Then, the equipment system received a change in its philosophy. “Let gear be gear” they said. Within BfA, equipment could be obtained Corrupted. Obviously whether or not your gear was corrupted was a fluke and, of course, the best gear had to be corrupted. Think here of a Diablo 3 system with its Ancients and Primals.

For Shadowlands, we go back to basics by giving less equipment per dungeon, but making it count more. Since there is no longer any Warforging, Corrupted, etc. style luck system. The equipment you will get will be more consistent at all times. What’s the point of receiving 20 items if only one of them is corrupted, so only one real account? It’s more interesting to get 5-6, which will all be important. In short, we are getting closer to the Classic philosophy.


Photo credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Listening to Blizzard

One thing is certain, the game will never be perfect. First, because perfect, it’s subjective. The perfect World of Warcraft for me probably isn’t the perfect WoW for you. However, some aspects will be common. Blizzard went in the right direction during the development of Shadowlands. Many iterations have been done to please the community.

For example, BfA’s Player vs. Player equipment system was not popular. Blizzard has listened to its community and the one in Shadowlands makes avid arenas and other PvP methods very happy. Players can now only equip themselves by PvP through specific vendors.

The adventure within Shadowlands is definitely promising!

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