Shady Mohamed: “We regret what you did in the Al-Ahly elections.”

Shadi Muhammad, the historical captain of Al-Ahly Club, expressed his remorse for the actions he did during the recent Al-Ahly Club elections, and showed his support in front of everyone to Mahmoud Taher, against the legend Mahmoud al-Khatib, saying: “This matter is one of the biggest things I regretted, because I should have participated in The elections only put my voice in the box without declaring my support for one person against the other, especially as we adore the Al Ahly Club and support any council that will take the lead. “

Shadi added, during his statements to the program “OnTime Stadium” via the “OnTime Sports” screen, that if time returns, he will not repeat this act, stressing the need to preserve his name and history and not to announce the support of a candidate on another account, saying: “I adore the Al-Ahly Club With evidence of my support for Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib on the second day after his victory in the club’s presidency, regardless of his high morals, but this is a duty for every one who desires to support his club and board of directors and support them in their decisions. ”

Captain Al-Ahly continued his speech: “It is not a requirement that I be in the position of the Al-Ahly club to support him or the council, the real Al-Ahly support his club while he is at home, and the millions of Al-Ahlawi are long in the back of the board of directors, so no one is afraid of Al-Ahly.”

Shady Mohamed sent a message to all the players who regret wearing the red jersey, confirming that they do not supervise Al-Ahly, and Shadi Mohammed said in his dialogue with “The Seventh Day”, “Any player who regrets that he played for Al-Ahly does not have the honor of wearing the Al-Ahly shirt and we are regretful that you were in Al-Ahly, regardless of who you are, who does not supervise the family and its value, we do not want it, the family is a great blessing and everyone must know “.

Shadi joined Al-Ahly from the Alexandrian vineyard in the 1999-2000 season, after the praise of the red team coach at the time, German Rienz Zubel, and in his first participation with the team, he scored a goal that contributed to Al-Ahly’s victory outside his stadium against Shooting Stars with three goals to two goals in the African Champions League.

Shadi, the winning card for the famous Portuguese coach, Manuel Jose, who relied on the player for many years, believed in his capabilities and potentials to become the spoiled boy for him before the relationship between them ended with the famous dispute in the Santos Angolan match with the Confederation after years of tournaments in which Shadi climbed to receive the red cups as captain of the club of the century.

Shady Mohamed won 24 championships with the club Al-Ahly 19 of them, while wearing the captain’s armband, in addition to being the most player in Al-Ahly’s history, participated in the African Championship matches.

A number of players who joined Al-Ahly in the recent era have expressed their regret for signing Al-Ahly, including Muhammad Siddiq and Tariq Al-Saeed.


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