Shaira spends difficult days due to the mysterious death of her pet

The Colombian artist told her followers that she was not feeling well due to a complicated situation she is going through. As she explained on her social media, Sky, with petdied in the last hours.

Shaira commented that her cat, only four months old, died when she was traveling. The young woman was very sad about what happened, because she said that her pet “became a fundamental part of her life.”

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“It is inexplicable when these things happen, my Sky, I cannot contain my tears. Thank you for so much happiness in just 4 months by my side my little companion. I’m going to miss everything about you,” she expressed.

Shairashocked by the death of her pet

The artist told in her instagram stories what You don’t know what your cat died of. In fact, she confessed that “nobody expected it” and that her death took her by surprise and miles away, since she was passing through Bogotá.

“On Wednesday night they told me that my cat was no longer breathing, that he was on the sofa, quiet,” he explained.

Shaira explained that the reason for her cat’s death will remain unknown because she refused to have an autopsy done (because of the cuts that would have to be made).

“It was very strange because he was fine. He was small and he was healthy. Better I went to bury him in the field. It is a very strange case,” he added.

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Finally, Shaira said she doesn’t think she was intoxicated and he emphasized his strangeness, because nothing happened to the other cats that shared an apartment with his pet.

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