Shakira and Maluma together? PHOTOS could demonstrate the infidelity of the Colombian

There are rumors that suggest that the love union between Shakira and piqué It is coming to an end, as it is said that it is coming to an end.

According to a video shared by an American outlet, the marriage is under public scrutiny, as Sasha’s parents and Milan Hammered they might not be happy at all.

According to some comments made in said publication, it is said that the 43-year-old singer has repeatedly had attitudes possessive and suffocating with her husband, who is part of the Barcelona squad.

The singer’s fans are concerned and have expressed this in social networks, because the idol could be separated forever from the father of her children.

But now she is involved in a new rumor in which it is pointed out that she is in love with her compatriot MalumaWell, a series of photos can be seen very close, so Internet users point out that their relationship goes beyond friendship.

It is worth mentioning that these artists had already been lovingly related, even Shakira was accused of being unfaithful to her husband Gerard Piqué, and everything began since these two Colombians they recorded together the song and the video for “Clandestine“.

However, this was only rumors, these rumors were not more than just gossip, since both Shakira and Gerard Piqué are more loving than ever, and this they have shown at all times in their social networks.

These are the controversial images:


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