Shakira responds sweetly to Rosé’s cover singing Waka Waka

The video of Rosé singing Waka Waka went around the world and Shakira mentioned it on her social networks.

Knowing Bros is one of the most popular show among fans of the korean entertainment, that’s why in each comeback they hope to see their idols favorites as guests on the show. BLACKPINK appeared in it again and the girls showed various of their talents, but Rosé managed to make his musical performance reach Shakira.

The program is also known as Ask Us Anything and it has several sections where we can meet the guest artists outside the stages and recording sets.

Kang Ho Dong, Seo Jang Hoon and Kim Hee Chul are some of the cast members who accompany the guests as they reveal secret episodes of their lives and showcase the hidden talents that fans would love to see.

Rosé used this tense to show how he can imitate the voice of Shakira while singing, but the Colombian interpreter also enjoyed that moment.

Rosé surprises Shakira with the cover of Waka Waka

After its broadcast on television, episode number 251 of Knowing Bros took over social media, BLINKs shared clips showing their favorite scenes from the show and one of the most popular was that of Rosé singing Waka Waka.

A fan tweeted the video and showed the impression that it caused him to realize that Rosé could match the style of Shakira by singing the melody that was part of the World Cup Football 2010 that took place in Africa and many people agreed with it.

OMG Why does it sound like Shakira? That’s our main vocalist!

What he surely did not expect was that the Colombian singer would see the publication, which he quoted with a special message dedicated to the member of BLACKPINK.

Oh wow! I loved seeing you doing that! Very adorable! Thanks Rosé.

PS I love your hair

Fans showed their excitement on social media, noting that Rosé I would probably be very happy with the message from Shakira.

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