Shakira’s radical change of look that was left in the middle for an unusual reason | Daily Show

During quarantine, unable to go on tour, Shakira She took refuge in her family and showed her home routine with her husband, the soccer player Gerard Piqué and his sons Milan Y Sasha. And although she is a millionaire and could have stylists and assistants to help her with her looks, the Colombian dyed her hair alone and showed how it was on his social networks.

She is a multi-award-winning singer who lives in comfort, but Shakira has always been humble and self-reliant. That is why it is not surprising that he is always with his instruments, learning to play or creating music, but also trying new things.

A few months ago, perhaps taking advantage of the break in her career, she began to skateboard, and proudly showed her progress on her social networks.

Now she surprised her fans again (she has more than 70 million followers on Instagram) with a photo in which she reveals her new look, leaving behind the light brown that accompanied her for a while.

She is seen with a mix of pink and fuchsia and her hair ironed, in an image that she illustrates saying “Voilá”.

Minutes later, the creator of “Bruta, blind, deaf and mute” uploaded a new publication in which she is seen drying her hair after changing her look and confesses that the final color was not what she wanted.

According to him, it is a calculation error in the amount of dye he needed: “The idea was to make it more pink, but since the pink ran out I had to mix it with another product that I had around that was a little more intense”he indicated smiling at the failure.


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