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Shakira’s son took a picture of her with a man and they ask him to send it to Piqué

by archyde

Although nearly four months have passed, the news of the separation of Shakira and Piqué continues to haunt social networks and the followers do not lose the option to comment on what has been one of the most media breaks in the world. In fact, the Colombian woman is reminded of her divorce every time she goes out on the street.

This is how it happened to the Colombian in a video that went viral this Thursdaywhen she was seen accompanying her eldest son, Milan, during a baseball game in Barcelona, ​​the city where they still live.

In the midst of the singer’s surprising presence with the team, hundreds of fans took the opportunity to take photos with her and share a small moment. Precisely, In one of the scenes in which a fan made the request, the Colombian joked saying: “It’s 10,000 euros.”

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However, the reaction of the people around the scene played against Shakira, because her other son Sasha was the one who took the picture and from the crowd they shouted at the little boy: “Send it to your dad”, which made the moment a bit awkward.

Finally, Shakira He left the place amid the hostile comments he received from the people who were there, since the situation began to get complicated when the place was filled with fans who wanted a photo with the Colombian. so he had to leave quickly to keep order in the park.

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