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Shamalova explained why she filed a lawsuit against Sobchak

The former lover of businessman Kirill Shamalov believes that the journalist deliberately exposed her in an unattractive light.

Ksenia Sobchak. Photo: Instagram.com/xenia_sobchak

After the scandalous interview, the ex-darling of businessman Kirill Shamalov – Zhanna – took up arms against Ksenia Sobchak. The former lover of the dollar billionaire accuses the TV presenter of distorting the facts.

Shamalova shared the details of her personal life with a Russian entrepreneur. In the summer of this year, the Shamalovs began the divorce proceedings. Zhanna wanted to show the country the “true” face of her husband, who dishonestly treated her. But after an interview with Sobchak Shamalova did not see the result she needed.

“I’m amazed what people can go to for the hype. The interview is my experience. During my meeting with Ksenia, I very sharply felt the difference between my world and the one with which she pushed me. The difference here is primarily in perception. Neither she nor anyone else will succeed in finishing me off. The truth is behind me, and I will fight for it, ”Zhanna said.

Zhanna Shamalova
Zhanna Shamalova. Photo: Instagram.com/zhannashamalova88

“Ksenia, without my knowledge, cut into a dialogue with my ex-husband Sergei Volkov, so I did not have the opportunity on the air to answer him in person on all his lies. When she showed me the interview the day before the broadcast, I provided a huge number of documents, lawsuits, financial reports, but Ksenia refused to use them. To date, I have submitted a number of applications to the investigating authorities about the disclosure of medical secrets, “Shamalova complained to Tatler.

Ksenia herself noted in her personal microblog that she had coordinated everything with Zhanna. Everything suited Shamalova until the public attacked her.

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