Shaman country? ‘Illegal banners’ slandering presidential candidates… The National Election Commission ‘It is not a slander of a specific candidate’

Dong-gu Office saw it as an illegal banner and immediately removed it
Daegu City Election Commission “It is vague to see it as slandering a specific candidate”
Police also arrested and investigated a 50-year-old who posted illegal prints of “Apologize for National Nongdan”

Illegal banners installed around Sincheon-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu on the 28th. Reporter Gu Min-soo

Illegal banners denouncing presidential candidates were installed in downtown Daegu, and the district office in charge of the district began to dismantle them.

On the 28th, a placard was installed on a roadside in Sincheon-dong, Dong-gu, saying, ‘Are you only going to see shamanism and the country of Shincheonji?’. According to the Dong-gu Office, banners that are considered advertisements must be installed with official permission from the ward office. In addition, illegal banners without a stand will be removed immediately.

The Daegu Metropolitan Election Commission interpreted that it was difficult to see the banner as a violation of the Public Official Election Act. According to Article 93 of the Public Official Election Act, from 180 days before the election day to the election day, no one shall post advertisements, greeting cards, posters, etc. indicating a candidate’s name in order to influence the election.

An official from the Daegu Metropolitan Election Commission said, “It seems that there is nothing in the text on the banner that can infer the name of a candidate for a specific party.

Meanwhile, cases of slandering certain candidates before the presidential election are found all over the region. The Daegu Police Agency is investigating and arresting Mr. A for violating the Public Official Election Act, who posted a print that could have a negative impact on a candidate’s election.

According to the police, Mr. A has attached a number of printed materials, such as ‘Give a vote to ○○○ who asks to apologize for state-run Nongdan when there is a chance’.

The police said, “The Daegu Metropolitan Election Commission caught up with Mr. A, who was trying to put a print, and requested an investigation.”

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