“Shameful, you have lost sensitivity …”

Gf Vip. The ugly insult of Stefania Orlando to Pierpaolo Pretelli. Furious fans: “Shameful, you have lost sensitivity …». A few minutes ago, in the house of Big Brother Vip, an episode made the fans go into a rage. Stefania Orlando indulged in a biting joke about the former velino and the controversy broke out on Twitter. But let’s go in order.

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Last night, during the episode of the Gf Vip, Giulia Salemi was eliminated losing comparison with Stefania Orlando. The one between the two gieffine was the hottest nomination since the beginning of the edition, so much so that the televoting system haywire. The exit of the Italian-Persian influencer left her boyfriend in despair Pierpaolo Pretelli. Today, the former velino has isolated himself in the garden, letting himself go to melancholy.

The scene did not escape the eyes of Stefania Orlando, who at that moment was on the veranda with Tommaso Zorzi. The Roman presenter commented ironically: “Is Pierpaolo in clip mode alone?“. But the sarcastic joke was not liked by fans of prelemes (Pretelli + Salemi) and poisonous comments rained down on Twitter: «Who sees the rotten, it is because he has it inside“. It’s still: “In these five months you have lost your sensitivity …».

There are also those who accuse her: “Not everyone thinks about strategies the way you do. There are also those who live true feelings. When you cried in the sauna for your ex-husband, no one accused you … Do the same too“. Meanwhile, the countdown has started for the grand final of this interminable edition: nine days less. Who will win Big Brother Vip? We’ll see.

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