Shandong Province Increases Rural Revitalization Audit, Accumulatively Examined Projects Involving More Than 7 Billion Funds | Shandong Province | Rural Revitalization_Sina

Original title: Shandong strengthens auditing of rural revitalization, accumulative random inspection projects involving more than 7 billion yuan

China News Service, Jinan, July 27 (Sun Hongyuan) “As a large agricultural province, Shandong shoulders the important task of ensuring food security. It must implement the rural revitalization strategy in depth, better solve the’three rural’ issues, and fully promote the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. “Shandong Provincial Audit Department Deputy Director Sun Chengming revealed at a press conference held by the Shandong Provincial Government on July 27, focusing on the three key points of “high-standard farmland construction, rural residential environment improvement, and rural industry development”. There are three main lines of “policy, capital, and projects”. Shandong audit department has spot-checked 685 projects, involving more than 7 billion yuan (RMB, the same below).

The press conference held on the same day mainly introduced Shandong’s 2020 provincial budget implementation and other fiscal revenue and expenditure audit work. Sun Chengming said that the audit found that the construction quality of some high-standard farmland in Shandong did not meet the standards, which made 14 projects in 5 counties unusable or difficult to guarantee after completion, and involved more than 42 million yuan in financial funds. The incomplete construction of supporting facilities in some projects has been left unused for a long time. As a result, the financial funds of more than 55 million yuan for 11 projects in 6 counties have not been effective. In terms of the improvement of the human settlement environment, some of the rural toilet renovation tasks in Shandong were not completed or checked and accepted on time, resulting in an idle construction and management fund of RMB 40,945,200. In terms of rural industrial development, some industrial parks and industrial strong towns have not been effective. Some production and operation entities in the 8 parks in 5 counties closed down or went bankrupt, and 2 counties did not establish a mechanism for linking industrial projects with farmers’ interests, which affected the implementation of sustainable policies for increasing farmers’ income.

“Some special funds have not clarified the direction and specific purpose of expenditure, and the grassroots will not use the funds after receiving the funds. There are also some special funds that are not strongly related to rural revitalization, and there are problems such as “fishing in troubled waters”.” Sun Chengming said In particular, the Shandong audit department has stepped up its efforts to review and improve while monitoring and urge rectification, and send a supervision team to supervise the rectification of problems on the spot. Up to now, it has supervised the recovery of 550,000 yuan of special funds that have been stolen or distributed beyond the scope, promoted the allocation of 15.24 million yuan of funds in place, promoted the timely completion of projects or accelerated the progress of 69 projects, and promoted the effective operation of 78 completed projects or facilities , To promote the implementation of related policies and the improvement of 26 rules and regulations.

“The Qilu model of rural revitalization is not called out or self-proclaimed, but made by solid work. Only by’doing on the ground and walking in the forefront’ can it be called a true model.” Sun Chengming said, the next step is Shandong. The provincial audit agency will continue to increase the intensity of rural revitalization audits, focusing on the “pain points”, “blocking points”, “difficult points” and “breakpoints” in the implementation of the rural revitalization policy. At the same time, it will follow up and inspect the implementation of rectification and reform of the problems found in the audit to promote rural revitalization. The strategy is fully implemented. (Finish)


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