Shannon de Lima, ex of James Rodríguez, would be Alejandro Speitzer’s girlfriend

After more than two years of the sentimental relationship between James Rodríguez and Shannon de Lima, It was the same footballer who confirmed, last year, that their courtship had ended. Without giving many details, the flyer decided to put an end to the rumors that arose regarding his sentimental situation.

“I’m not dating anyone. Those names that come out there are lies. So that they are clear and do not believe everything the press says, ”the Colombian bluntly expressed when he made a live broadcast on the Twitch platform.

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The Venezuelan, so far, has not referred to the subject, keeping a low profile and dedicating herself to her work as a model and businesswoman. However, It is news again because, apparently, she would have already found a substitute for her ex-boyfriend.

Shannon de Lima I would be dating a mexican actor

For a few days the Mexican media have been speculating that James Rodríguez’s ex-girlfriend would be romantically involved with Alejandro Speitzer, the young actor who stars in the successful Netflix series ‘Dark Desire’.

The rumor began when the artist commented on a photo of the model on his Instagram account with a black heart, which does not mean mourning or deceit, but would be a symbol used between them.

Screenshot Instagram @shadelima

As indicated by the entertainment portal TV Notesthe Venezuelan and the Mexican spent a few days together in Hollywood and shared with their followers photos of how they enjoyed a “rich” dessert in a luxurious restaurant at the hotel “Sunset Tower Hotel”. When comparing the images published by both, it is possible to notice the coincidence of the dishes, the drinks and the ice creams that they tasted.

Stories rescued by TvNotas from @alejandrospeitzer's Instagram
Stories rescued by TvNotas from @alejandrospeitzer’s Instagram
Stories rescued by TvNotes from @shadelima's Instagram
Stories rescued by TvNotes from @shadelima’s Instagram

Shortly after, Shannon de Lima enabled the question box on Instagram and when asked if she had a boyfriend, she replied: “The day I want to tell you something, I promise I will.”

Screenshot Instagram @shadelima
Screenshot Instagram @shadelima

So far neither of them has confirmed or denied anything.

Who is Alexander Speitzer?

He is a 27-year-old Mexican actor. He began in the world of acting in 1999, when he participated in the children’s show ‘Sesame Street’. Since then he has worked in more than 20 dramatic productions, standing out in ‘La Reina del Sur’, as Ray Dávilaand recently in his leading role in ‘Dark desire’, playing Darío Guerra.

His last love relationship was with the Spanish actress Ester Expósito, one of the protagonists of the Netflix series ‘Elite’. Rumors of the breakup came in June 2021, when both actors separately attended an event in Milan, Italy.

Here are some images that Alejandro Speitzer has shared on his Instagram account:

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