Shao Ting’s perfect arc makes the final blow 15 seconds, the women’s basketball team has a big heart_Australia team

Original title: Shao Ting’s perfect arc makes the final blow 15 seconds, the women’s basketball team has a big heart

News from July 30, Beijing time, can your little heart still stand it? Tonight, the Chinese women’s basketball team narrowly defeated the Australian women’s basketball team in the second round of the group. 15.3 seconds before the end of the game, Xu Limin’s team encountered a moment of shock. When the Australian team was forced to a desperate situation by 2 three-pointers, Li Yueru completed the free throw lore. The Chinese women’s basketball team won a shocking 76-74 victory, harvesting two consecutive victories in the group and giving the Australian team a two-game losing streak.

The importance of this victory is self-evident. In the context of the sluggish women’s football and women’s volleyball team, the Chinese women’s basketball team has become the only hope for the three major goals in the Tokyo Olympics.

When leading 67-57, the Chinese team carried the burden of wanting to win and fear of losing. The Australian team played a 11-3 attack wave in more than 2 minutes to reduce the difference to 2 points. The two teams played high intensity throughout the game, and the physical strength of both sides was very exhausted at the end of the game. 15.3 seconds before the end, the Australian team, which was 2 points behind, adopted a foul tactic and Wang Siyu stood on the free throw line. It is worth mentioning that Wang Siyu made 1 of 2 free throws on the previous 2 free throws. Wang Siyu resisted the pressure and made 2 free throws!

4 points behind, the Australian team can only make a desperate move. 11 seconds before the end, Osiya hit a three-pointer on the right side facing Li Meng’s defensive shot. The Australian team narrowed the point gap 71-72, and the Chinese team requested a timeout. Who executes the free throw at this time? The answer is Captain Shao Ting. Shao Ting is the oldest veteran of this Chinese women’s basketball team. She has excellent psychological qualities. With 8.6 seconds left in the game, the Australian team continued their foul tactics. Shao Ting made 2 free throws in the face of huge pressure, and the Chinese team led 74-71 by 3 points.

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At the last moment, the Australian team did not retreat. As a result, Osiya stood up again. With 2 seconds left in the game, she made a three-pointer against Shao Ting on the left this time! The Australian team tied the score to 74. Xu Limin requested a timeout and arranged the final attack. At this time, the morale of the Australian team is high, so if the game is dragged into overtime, it will be very unfavorable for the Chinese team. What’s more, the girls’ physical strength is at a critical point.

On the final attack in regular time, Shao Ting sent a sideline kick from the left side of the frontcourt. do you remember? Today, the Chinese women’s basketball team has twice served a sideline ball and was blown for 5 seconds. This time, Shao Ting was very clever. She dangled the ball directly to the basket. Li Yueru took the ball to face the three-person double-team and forced the jump. The referee whistled for a foul. 0.6 seconds before the end, Li Yueru did not live up to expectations. She made 2 free throws very steadily, killing the Australian team!

Shao Ting, Li Yueru and Wang Siyu all showed big hearts at critical moments. How can people not love such a Chinese women’s basketball team.Return to Sohu to see more


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