Shape memory tires with integrated snow chain!

2023-12-16 13:00:00

South Korean manufacturer Hyundai has unveiled tire technology using a shape memory alloy, which allows the integration of a snow chain. By protruding, small modules placed on the tread come out on a simple electrical signal. This revolutionary system will ensure better grip on the ground and make driving safer on snowy or icy roads.

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Hyundai has announced that it has developed new tire technology with integrated snow chains. They are materialized by shape memory alloy modules which deploy automatically when the driver wishes.

The South Korean manufacturer has developed a tire directly integrating a shape memory alloy snow chain. In fact, six small modules integrated directly into the tire tread deploy and then act like conventional chains when the driver presses a button. An electric current is then sent to the modules which come out, thus forming a system of snow chains around the tire.

The technology developed by Hyndai Motor incorporates a snow chain that uses a shape memory alloy. © Hyundai Motor Group

Simplify driving for motorists in winter

This system is supposed to guarantee the grip of the tire on snowy or icy ground. The idea is obviously to simplify driving in winter conditions, by avoiding having to constantly install and uninstall chains on your tires depending on the state of the road.

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Compared to traditional chains, this system has the advantage of not requiring installation. It can be triggered or interrupted at any time. On the other hand, these shape memory alloy modules are designed to withstand time and last longer than traditional snow chains. Hyundai plans to start production of these smart tires once the technology is mastered.

In recent years, tire manufacturers have also used ingenuity to make life easier for motorists. Soon it may no longer be necessary, for example, to regularly check tire pressure, thanks to new technology allowing it to be kept at a constant level, fully automatically. Generally speaking, tires are a real concentrate of technology, with more and more integrated sensors but also, sometimes, RFID tags facilitating their traceability.

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