Sharing the pain: farewell to Maradona on Instagram

Sharing the pain: the farewell to Maradona on Instagram – LA NACION

The images were multiplied to pay tribute and express sadness

@dalmaradona: “I am bringing you daisies to decorate your gamer socks and please look at me again with that love.” Credit: Gentileza Instagram

@biancavacc: “That heartbroken cry for a passion that is in the blood. Always with you @franovacc”. Credit: Gentileza Instagram

@pasalabocha: “We are going on a trip … But his legacy will be eternal in the Argentine people and the world. Thank you for so much.” Credit: Gentileza Instagram

@ultras_tattoo: The tattooists promoted their services and even promoted raffles to tattoo Diego's signature.

@ultras_tattoo: The tattooists promoted their services and even promoted raffles to tattoo Diego’s signature. Credit: Gentileza Instagram

@juanchobarbaglia: “Our humble tribute with friends from work. Thank you Diego forever.” Credit: Gentileza Instagram

@ “Goodbye, Diego”: the farewell of photographer Julián Baquero when recording the day of the wake. Credit: Gentileza Instagram

@hinchasderiverok: “And how do I get over you?” wrote the fans of the team that had him as a rival on the court. Credit: Gentileza Instagram

@luciano_pignataro: “He lived all the contradictions in good and evil. In tune with Naples, city of excess.” Credit: Gentileza Instagram

@ argentinafans.kerala: Your fans in India made an altar for you. “You will always be in our hearts,” they posted.

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