Sharp criticism of Carinthia’s extended gastro lockdown in 5 minutes

There is disillusionment in Carinthia’s tourism industry. Instead of ending the lockdown with a gentle start on a Monday morning, restaurateurs and hoteliers are held out even longer. “I am very well aware that the situation is difficult, especially in Carinthia, due to the still high incidence. However, I lack any understanding that the Carinthian gastronomy and hotel industry, which have never been the drivers of this infectious disease, have to pay the bill for the country’s incomplete corona management ”, said Carinthia’s Chamber of Commerce President Jürgen Mandl in a first reaction. “Of course, we fundamentally understand corona measures. What we cannot understand, however, is the hesitant behavior of state politicians, ”he said Josef Petritsch, Chairman of the tourism and leisure industry division.

WKK President Jürgen Mandl

© WKK / Helge Bauer

The economy misses the willingness to enter into dialogue

This hesitation and hesitation put the urgently needed winter season in massive danger: “The companies need planning security. Unfortunately, this has not yet reached the country. No other federal state took so much time with the decision, ”said Petritsch. Overall, he missed the willingness to enter into dialogue among political decision-makers in the country. Instead of looking for discourse and cooperation with business, the governor and the state health councilor decide behind closed doors. The appeals from stakeholders that PCR test capacities would not be sufficient for the winter season and that the vaccination campaign was rolled out with too little emphasis, however, had been ignored for months. “Everyone knew that winter would be a challenge. Instead of finding solutions and doing the homework in fighting pandemic properly, the lockdown is now being extended, ”said Petritsch.

Criticism from politics

Team Carinthia boss mayor also expresses strong criticism of the staggered opening Gerhard Köfer: “The gastronomy and the hotel industry are certainly not the drivers of the pandemic.” For Köfer it is therefore deeply incomprehensible that you can go shopping all day on Monday but not drink coffee: “There is no objective justification for the later opening of industries such as gastronomy.” Carinthia is the only federal state that has become a special case. “All other federal states made sure that the situation was clear yesterday,” said the Carinthian team boss.

Gerhard Köfer (Team Carinthia)

© Team Carinthia

FPÖ calls for the end of the lockdown for everyone

Also for FPÖ state party chairman NRAbg. Erwin Angerer it is incomprehensible that the Carinthian state government only opens trade on Monday. “The consolation for several days costs the Carinthian companies millions and frustrates the workers concerned,” said Angerer. He also sees this as a competitive disadvantage for the Carinthian economy. “Nobody understands why a restaurant or hotel in Heiligenblut has to stay on Monday while the businesses are allowed to unlock a few kilometers further on the other side of the Glockner in East Tyrol.” The FPÖ demands an end to the lockdown for all citizens and an unlocking all areas.

Erwin Angerer (FPÖ)

© FPÖ Carinthia

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