Shawn Mendes reveals the ‘dark side’ of his sexiest photos

Singer Shawn Mendes

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Singer Shawn Mendes

The singer Shawn Mendes, following that line of honesty and “vulnerability” that dominates his public profile today, has wanted to reveal without hesitation the numerous problems that this condition of ‘sex symbol’ has generated him that, everything is said, he He has cultivated himself in recent times by lending himself, for example, to posing in underwear for a recent Calvin Klein ad campaign.

His chiseled torso, his strong arms and his photogenic smile have managed to divert, on more than one occasion, the attention of his artistic talent and his emotional songs to endorse his status as a sexual idol, especially for new generations, throughout and width of the planet. Although he is not particularly bothered by the fact that millions of young women – and young men – sigh for him when they see him perform or admire his elaborate physiognomy in a large poster, the “pressure” derived from having to fulfill this role at all times has ended up taking a toll on his mental health.

In fact, the music star has admitted that he has developed a body dysmorphic disorder as a result of that obsession to always achieve ‘perfection’ on the physical plane, to the point that every day he has to fight insecurities That generates the mere idea of ​​not living up to their status. In conversation with Wonderland magazine, on whose cover he appears curiously naked, but with a guitar covering his wealthy parts, the Canadian wanted to warn about those unrealistic beauty canons to which he is also subjected, but which also encourages, him like it or not.

“I appeared shirtless on several posters throughout the city. And the truth is that, after participating in a photo session in which you are supposed to be sexy, your mind can be very affected, because in the end you you force every day to be at the level of the boy in the image. And there are makeup artists and graphic editors who retouch those images, so it is not fair to anyone that that particular photo becomes something to aspire to. And we are in a culture of constant comparison: I have come to develop body dysmorphia when trying to be that person all the time, “he reflected.

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