She dies of COVID after card game

An American octogenarian who survived cancer died of COVID-19 on December 21 in Ohio after contracting the virus from a friend who allegedly hid her infection.

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The reason? A game of cards, according to the family of the deceased.

82-year-old Barb Bartolovich was vaccinated against the virus and took strict safety precautions, only socializing with people who were also inoculated.

Her granddaughter, Lauren Nash, claims Bartolovich decided to attend the card game when all of the guests claimed they were vaccinated.

However, one of the participants allegedly failed to disclose that he had received a positive result.

“Someone has decided that a positive COVID-19 result is something they can hide,” Nash told Detroit station WXYZ. We found out (the truth) when the person confessed after Grandma got sick. ”

Bartolovich, who fought cancer in the blood, had a weakened immune system, according to Nash. It is unclear why the person at risk ran the risk of spreading a “deadly virus” just to play a game. card game.

“It’s not worth knowing that you can hurt someone, or kill someone, because you want to go out and have fun,” she warned.

“I’m just horrified to see where we’re at and what’s going on and that we’re not considering people’s lives.”

Ohio set a record for daily cases on New Years Eve, with a toll of 20,598 infections.


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