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Valerie from Don’t forget the lyrics has just been eliminated after 37 incredible victories. Proud of her career, the candidate revealed crisp information behind the scenes of the show.

If she says she is satisfied with her experience in the show, this is for good reason. Valérie has emerged as a winner 37 times. She thus accumulated the tidy sum of 203,000 euros. Valérie rises to the rank of 10th best candidate in the history of the show. The production crew as well as the viewers won’t soon forget.

“I felt like a void in me.”

Valérie admits, however, that she has some regrets. She confided in the journalists of Télé-Loisirs. “A little surprised” of her elimination, she concedes not having said “Everything (she) would have liked to say”. So, she drops everything in the columns of Télé-Loisirs: “Two hours later, I felt like an emptiness in me, a lack, although I am proud of my course and that I am very happy to have realized my dream by participating. I don’t blame myself at all, I tell myself that it was my destiny. I have no regrets. ” Valérie confides why she has no regrets and why she seems so sure of herself: the big winner is already planning to participate in the Masters of Do not forget the lyrics.

Valérie protests against derogatory remarks from internet users

One might think that all is well for the candidate but it is not quite the case. Internet users have indeed strongly criticized it. According to her, she would be the target of particularly cruel remarks against her. ” Apparently, some people criticize me for expressing myself too much. Or lack of empathy with candidates. »Valerie contradicts that idea. For her, everything turned out for the best on the set. Behind the scenes, too, she had a very good relationship with her competitors. Valérie therefore wishes to remind that viewers have no idea what is going on outside the camera. ” With the candidates, we laugh together. We talk about our journeys. What happens on the set is not necessarily a reflection of reality. »Yes, we must not forget that Do not forget the lyrics remains an entertainment game: in post-production, the editing of the program can modify the perception we have of the candidates.

Valérie talks about her relationship with Nagui in an interview that she gives to Femme Actuelle: ” It’s funny, it’s as if I knew him, seeing him every day on television. He is very human and reassuring. Between the shootings of emissions, he always had a little advice or a nice little word to give me courage. I was not disappointed with Nagui. And the host didn’t seem to be disappointed with her either!

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