“she lives like the people of Charlie Hebdo, bunkerized”, according to her lawyer

Mila, a teenager again the target of death threats after comments about Islam, “lives like the people of Charlie Hebdo, bunkerized,” her lawyer Richard Malka said on Monday.

The teenager, the target of death threats in January, is again targeted by threats following the recent publication of a video on social networks in which she attacks her detractors in rather blunt terms.

Sunday, the prosecutor’s office in Vienne (Isère) announced the opening of an investigation for “death threats in writing and electronic harassment”.

“You can imagine how she is, her life has changed, she is 17 years old, she lives like the people of Charlie Hebdo now, bunkerized, it is unbearable!”, Declared Me Malka, also lawyer of Charlie Hebdo, on the sidelines of the January 2015 bombings trial.

On Twitter, the teenager shared screenshots of the death threats received, some of them referring to the assassination of Samuel Paty.

“It seems that there is a new fashion which is to threaten to + make a Samuel Paty +”, commented Me Malka.

In January, Mila published a video that went viral in which she made virulent criticisms of Islam, triggering a surge of threats – which forced her to leave her high school – but also support.

Two people were sentenced to prison terms for death threats against her, including one in Malta where she was on a language trip.

Others are being indicted in the investigation into the January death threats and the release of Mila’s contact details.

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