she posts pictures of her on vacation without makeup! Internet users under the spell!

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The presenter of the Reines du Shopping seems to have been literally forgotten by time. The old one mannequin Cristina Cordula does not take a wrinkle, and its beauty shines year after year, without being altered. She proved it once again this year, while on vacation at Cap Ferret.

Like many French people, she decided to opt for France for her summer stay. And it is the south-east that she has chosen to enjoy the idleness, the sea, and all that summer has to offer.

The last weeks of the school year were difficult for all the TV hosts, who were forced to make up for a few months of confinement, so that the programs were available again. A little rest is therefore well deserved, and the Mediterranean is obviously ideal for that.

Natural photos

The one who knows perfectly how to advise women both in terms of style and makeup has decided to be more natural than ever. She posted various pictures of her on her account Instagram completely cleansed, natural, by the beach, and she literally won her fans once again.

The comments are once again very complimentary for our beauty queen, who was unanimous among her subscribers. And it is true that she is absolutely beautiful. At 55, Cristina Cordula is more woman than ever, assertive and dynamic, even without the slightest drop of make-up she manages to conquer the hearts of the French.

And this is not the first time that the beautiful brunette dares the “no make-up”, since she regularly publishes pictures of her without foundation or mascara, so as to also prove to women that they can. dare the natural, and that makeup is sometimes superfluous. The bet is totally won! A great way to uninhibit women so that they too dare to shine their beauty without unnecessary product concealing the skin.

Many comments full of praise

As we said a little earlier, the comments were very positive, and her fans find her more beautiful than ever. Magnificent, very beautiful, and many other compliments have been noted below her photos, enough to prove to her that at 55 she keeps her charm and her beauty, no matter the time that passes.

A young bride who shines year after year

The beautiful brunette is increasing success, both in her private and professional life. The latter indeed married Frédéric Cassin in 2017, and they spin the perfect love. What’s more, she still animates today the Queens of Shopping, which is its main program. Other shows are of course part of his CV, such as New Look for a New Life, or the Dress of my Life, as well as 10 years younger more recently. Success was once again at the rendezvous, theanimator one of the favorites of the French.

We can not wait to find it again at the start of the school year, perhaps with new broadcasting projects: we can only hope that the Coronavirus will not force our hosts to remain confined for a few more weeks.


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