“She was in front of your eyes from the start”

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Omar Sy announces the release of the Lupine sequel: “She was in front of you from the start”

Omar Sy unveiled the release of Part 2 of Lupine on Twitter. We won’t have to wait long since it will be released this summer on Netflix.

Lupine has been a real success since its release on January 8 on Netflix. Fans are already waiting for the sequel. Omar Sy has revealed the release date: the second part will be broadcast this summer.

Obviously, the actor used a subterfuge worthy of his character, Assane Diop. He wrote on Twitter: “The date for Lupine Part 2 was in front of you from the start. Or rather on my banner… You saw it, but you did not look at it.

When we click on the banner of his Twitter account, we see the release date otherwise camouflaged by his profile picture.

The announcement has been confirmed by Netflix. Since its release, “Lupine” has occupied the top of the charts in several countries. Two days after its release, it was in the top 5 of the United States.

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