She was the love of his life.. Did Munir Murad enter Islam with the aim of marrying Suhair al-Babli?

The great artist, Suhair Al-Babli, passed away after a rich life and an artistic and human journey that made her a symbol of joy, love, happiness and smiles.

Suhair Al-Babli was a beautiful personality, loved by everyone and attached to her, as she had an attractiveness and presence that no one could compete with, and a number of men who were associated with her fell in love with her, as the late artist married 5 marriages in her life, and Suhair Al-Babli’s husbands agreed on her love, respect and appreciation even after her divorce from them And they did not mention her and she did not remind them except with all the good, as she was a model in sophistication and morals in all her dealings, even in the separation of those with whom she had the covenant of marriage.

The first marriage of the great artist, Suhair Al-Babli, at the beginning of her life, at the age of 16, was with businessman Mahmoud Al-Naqouri, who is the father of her only daughter, Nevin, but they separated because of his refusal to continue her artistic career, which she insisted on while he wanted to devote herself to her home and her daughter.

As for the second marriage of the great artist, it was from the great composer, the genius and light-hearted, Munir Murad, the brother of the great artist, Laila Murad, who some indicated that he converted to Islam in order to marry her because he loved her very much. About her, and Suhair al-Babli was a fan of his sister, the harp, Laila Murad, and she met him at one of the parties that she was keen to attend, and Munir Murad strongly attached to her and married her, and the marriage lasted for 9 whole years from 1958 until 1967, and “Suhair” is considered the true love in his life, but as a result of multiple Disagreements, and Munir’s intense jealousy, the marriage ended in divorce, leaving him without marriage for several years, until he married for the third time, and that marriage lasted until his death.

In one of her television interviews, the artist, Suhair Al-Babli, told the story of her marriage to the late artist Mounir Murad after a love story, stressing that he converted to Islam from conviction before their marriage, and his sister Laila Murad had declared his conversion to Islam.

The great artist, Suhair Al-Babli, confirmed in one of her dialogues that she loved Munir Murad and that he was sincere in his conversion to Islam, and that changing his religion was not for the purpose of marrying her only, noting that jealousy was the reason behind the decision to separate.

Al-Babli always talked about the role of Munir Murad in her artistic life and affirmed that she benefited from it on the artistic and personal level, as he taught her how to deal with people, especially artists. Concerts and high-end societies,” she also revealed that Mounir Murad taught her to sing, as he used to make her hum the tunes he composed in order to hear them from her. She confirmed that she learned from her laughter, lightness of spirit and sophistication in comedy, and that the harp had great lightness.

Mounir Murad was a star in acting, showing, singing, composing and imitation, as he composed for the biggest singing stars, and the number of his tunes reached more than 3 thousand songs and duets.

In 1981, before Mounir Murad turned sixty, he died of a heart attack.

After her divorce from Munir Murad, the great artist married Suhair Al-Babli for the third time from “the jeweler” Ashraf Al-Sirjani, and after his death she married for the fourth time to businessman Mahmoud Ghoneim. Fame, disagreements occurred between them and a divorce occurred, but the late artist kept reminding her of good until his death.


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