Shellac, welcome to “Club” streaming

The first confinement saw the blooming of an offer of author films available in streaming never seen before, on the sidelines of the devastating progress of Netflix or Disney +. Thus, from the Cinémathèque Française (which took the opportunity to speed up the putting online of “Henri” and make remote programming according to a free model) to Mubi (a pioneer in the genre) through the Cinétek (films to rental or sale, selected by director-prescribers) and up to Carlotta (who launched in March 2020 its “video club” of heritage films), the evening viewer, always more confined, is satisfied until to the embarrassment of films to see and re-watch. It is in this context that Shellac, distributor and publisher of renowned films and of precious authors (from Taboo from Miguel Gomes to Martin eden de Pietro Marcello) lances are «Club». “It’s a much older project than the Covid, explains Thomas Ordonneau, the boss of Shellac. We started from the observation that certain films no longer have their place in a classic media chronology, that they are disappearing from theaters and radars much too quickly. ”

The specificity of Club Shellac (1) will be the editorialization of the offer, with films put online by program – to begin with, three films on Marseille including the very beautiful film of the same name by Angela Schanelec, or the three episodes of Thousand and one Night by Portuguese Miguel Gomes: « We cross catalogs and countries, we do not limit ourselves to monographs, we enrich each film by viewing another film ”, explains Thomas Ordonneau. Even if it means ending up with films by Emmanuel Mouret available both on (free of charge) and in the Shellac club? Yes, but not necessarily the same, and redundancy will be the corollary of an ever more complete palette, which will allow the determined film buff to concoct, by cross-checking the sources, real retrospectives.


Laura Tuillier


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