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2023-05-26 16:00:00

The Eighth Troupe of Shen Yun Performing Arts gathered in “Three Musketeers of Dance” to share the journey of the tour. (Image source: video screenshot)

It’s been a year! The multiverse reappears! Last year’s most eye-catching “dance“Three Samurai” was disbanded this year…Kenji KobayashiWho will reunite with this time? “Dancing Three Musketeersepisode videowill inviteShen Yun Performing ArtsThe dancers of the eight troupes talked about their tour experience and tips. In addition, they will also share what difficulties they encountered on the performance day, and how to overcome and break through. Let’s listen together!

Warm reminder: If you want to watch Shen Yun performances in person, support the Three Musketeers of Dance, and promote the purest traditional Chinese culture with them, please go to “Shen Yun Ticketing WebsiteIf you purchase tickets, Shen Yun’s official website will update the specific performance date and venue in time.

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Shen Yun takes Chinese classical dance as its main form of expression

Chinese classical dance has a long history. It has been tempered by successive dynasties and formed a complete dance system. It is one of the most expressive art forms in the world.

Shen Yun is the top Chinese classical dance troupe in the world. Many other dance troupes incorporate modern dance, martial arts or ballet into their performances. What they perform is not pure Chinese classical dance.

Shen Yun performances also include traditional ethnic and folk dances. With vivid costumes, graceful rhythms and unique dance styles, they take you to the snow-capped Himalayas or the boundless Mongolian prairie, and appreciate the customs and customs of different ethnic groups on the land of China.

Shen Yun’s exquisite stage plays vividly depict the precious stories of the past: from the ancient times of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors to the rise and fall of the dynasties; from myths and legends, religious beliefs, traditional values ​​to humanistic stories, customs and customs, poetry and prose, showing the Chinese civilization The noblest of virtues, conveying a relevance that still holds true in this day and age. The show host will give you a brief introduction to the background and plot of each story.

Headquartered in New York, Shen Yun Performing Arts is the world’s premier Chinese classical dance and classical music company. Over the years, Shen Yun has absorbed and cultivated many top artists in the world, revived and promoted the real traditional Chinese culture that has almost disappeared in the way of classical art.

From the ancient times of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors to the magnificent Tang Dynasty, from the prosperity of the Song Dynasty to the elegance of the Qing Dynasty, the five thousand years of Chinese civilization have a long history. This is a picture scroll full of myths and legends and heroic epics-courage and sacrifice, integrity and loyalty, kindness and virtue, the stories of shining stars have passed on five thousand civilizations.

China was called “Shenzhou” in ancient times, and humans and gods once lived together in this land. Music, medicine, calligraphy, clothing, writing… God has passed on rich culture to the people here. For thousands of years, beliefs in Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism have been the foundation of society. The Son of Heaven ruled in accordance with the sky, and the people respected the sky and believed in the gods, and valued virtue and did good deeds.


In the past few decades, the CCP regime has regarded the traditional culture of respecting heaven and virtue as a threat to its existence. Through political movements such as the Cultural Revolution, the traditional beliefs have been systematically uprooted, and the heritage of 5,000 years of divine culture has been destroyed. Almost destroyed.

In 2006, a group of top Chinese traditional artists came to New York with the same desire: to revive the true Chinese divine culture and spread it around the world. In this way, Shen Yun was born.

Every season, we perform a new set of programs in top theaters around the world, such as Lincoln Center in New York, Kennedy Center in Washington DC, London Coliseum; our symphony orchestra has performed in Carnegie Hall.

Millions of live audiences, including the most famous actors, top fashion designers, government dignitaries, royal family members and social celebrities have all attended Shen Yun performances. We look forward to seeing you too.

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