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Drilling the bottom of the car for troubleshooting, disassembling and installing the engine, four-wheel alignment… these common operations in auto repair shops are mostly “undertaken” by male masters. In Shenzhen Second Vocational Technical School (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen Second Vocational School), there is a female “student tyrant” who not only deals with these operations every day, but also breaks the school’s record. In April this year, the 17-year-old won the first prize in the Auto Electromechanical Maintenance Competition of the Guangdong Vocational College Student Professional Skills Competition, becoming the first girl in the province to participate in such a competition and win the championship.


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She is Gu Huijing, Is a second-level student in Shenzhen, majoring in automobile application and maintenance, and mechanical and electrical engineering. She loved cars since she was a child, but refused to be labelled. With her passion and enthusiasm, she worked diligently in the auto repair profession, which had a small number of female trainees. She was promoted from the auto repair “Xiaobai” to the provincial gold medal winner and won Eligibility for the National Selection Tournament. In her life, she loves reading books and photography, and is a lively and cheerful multi-faceted girl.

As a Shenzhen teenager, the most obvious trait in her view is the ability to stick to her dream and the courage to fight for it. In the future, she will continue to study in the auto repair industry and be an excellent craftsman.

I love to smell gasoline since I was young

High-intensity training to prepare for the competition, 15 kilograms “off the scale” in two weeks

“I think the smell of gasoline is very fragrant.” Gu Huijing smiled shyly and said, since she was a child, she liked the smell of gasoline, and the roar of cars became a moving note in her ears. Especially when she saw the cool driving skills and car modification on the movie screen in elementary school, she would be excited, “I often think that if I grow up to have a car of my own, modify it and repair it myself, How cool”.

With a passion for cars, after graduating from junior high school, Gu Huijing plans to apply for a second-level auto repair major in Shenzhen. “The family didn’t understand it at first. They thought it was useless for girls to learn auto repair, and I hope I could study some professions that seemed more comfortable at work.” She said, and later showed her thoughts to her family, and the family gradually understood. Support yourself to chase your dreams.

In the autumn of 2019, Gu Huijing went to Shenzhen to study auto repair as her wish. But as an auto repair “Xiaobai”, she quickly hit a wall. “When I started to learn circuit diagrams, there was no concept in my mind, and the teacher didn’t understand how to say it. In addition, auto repair is also a work of both mental and physical strength. Girls often struggle in physical fitness.” She laughed and said, in order to break through difficulties, she was a freshman. Not long after the class started, I signed up for the training camp myself. During the 4 months before the game, she got up at 6 o’clock in the morning every morning to memorize the circuit diagrams and kept up her physical fitness by exercising. Except for exercises, eating and sleeping between classes, she spends most of the time in the training room to study, and even stays in the evening after class to “plus” training.

In mid-March of this year, after repeated competitions, she won the qualification for the automotive electromechanical maintenance competition of the Guangdong Vocational College Student Professional Skills Competition as she wished. In less than two weeks from the competition, she went to the training room before 8 o’clock in the morning every day, and repeated the operations of four-wheel alignment, car fault diagnosis, engine disassembly and assembly, maintenance and maintenance, etc., until after 11 o’clock in the evening. Back to the dormitory. High-intensity training allowed her to “fall off” 15 pounds in two weeks, The already delicate and thin body, it seems even thinner.

“During preparation for the competition, there are many new projects to learn and proficient in, and time is relatively tight. Moreover, At that time, I not only represented Shenzhen in the provincial competition, but also the first girl in Guangdong Province to participate in this type of competition. I wanted to take this opportunity to prove that girls are equally good at auto repair, and the pressure is still quite high. “Gu Huijing said that during the period, she also heard some negative voices, and she didn’t care about it. She firmly believes that learning auto repair is her choice, and she must do it well anyway.

Hard work pays off. In April of this year, Gu Huijing not only won the third prize of the provincial first prize and qualified for the national selection competition, but also set the school record in this competition. “The total time I spent on the engine disassembly competition was 26 minutes, which was half a minute less than the school’s best performance in the past, which is quite unexpected.”

Love red makeup and work clothes

17-year-old girl in Shenzhen refuses to label brave dreams

Wearing a white dress, painted ancient makeup, holding a paper umbrella in the old alleyway, looking back and smiling. In Gu Huijing’s circle of friends, many exquisite personal photos have been posted, which makes it difficult to associate her with the auto repair work.

She confessed that she is a character that should play and learn when she should. She usually likes to play chess, shopping and photography, and she also loves to dress herself up. She is versatile and won the second prize of the 2020 Guangdong Campus Photography Contest.

“Maybe I don’t talk about it, everyone can’t see that I am a small auto repair expert.” After removing the red makeup and putting on the tooling, she changed her gentle image, touched the engine oil, moved the tires and other operations in one go, drilled the bottom of the car, and the cover of the car. , Tightening the wrench is no problem. At the end of the day, the hands, face, and clothes will inevitably get dirty, but Gu Huijing doesn’t care about it. “At first, I’ll mind a little bit, but I can’t help it. If I like auto repair, I can only bear it. “.

“Many people think that auto repair is a boy’s profession. This idea is too rigid. I think professions are gender-neutral.” Gu Huijing, 17 years old this year, refuses to be labelled, thinking that girls also have their own advantages in auto repair. , For example, the processing of details is more delicate.

What is a Shenzhen boy? She also has her own opinions. I believe that the characteristic of Shenzhen teenagers is to stick to their dreams and choices. As long as they are firm in their direction, they must go for a fight.

“This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party. As a new generation of successors, I feel that persistence and the courage to innovate are one of the spiritual cores of the party that I have learned.” She said that she will continue to go this way and give full play to the spirit of craftsmanship. Be an excellent craftsman in the future.


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