Sheyla Rojas on the trial of Magaly Medina: “The degree of evil, cruelty and the things that were said were very strong” | VIDEO | SHOWS

Updated 11/16/2020 at 10:10 PM

Sheyla Rojas spoke with Trome over the weekend, he was sincere and shed some tears when he remembered everything he experienced after the program of Magaly medina broadcast some private chats in which the blonde talks about trips, luxuries and jewelry that she could have next to Luis Advíncula, with whom she was also seen in a compromising scene that was immortalized in the lens of a cell phone.

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The popular Shey Shey she is not willing to ignore all the ‘abuse’ that was committed with her and indicated that Magaly Medina “not only has interfered with my work, but also with my integrity as a woman, a person, pointing out to me in a way that I wish no one ”.

“That should not be allowed anymore and less in these times, because you cannot throw the stone and hide your hand, that is why I have taken action with my lawyers and I will go to the end”He pointed out to our journalist Carla Chévez.

He added that he understood what the middle of the show is like, but “definitely this went beyond the limits, the degree of evil, cruelty and the things that were said were very strong because it was not only a psychological abuse for me, but also for my family.”

“No one has the right to judge absolutely anyone, because no one is an example of anyone (breaks),” he stressed.

He also indicated that “I do not make my pants with fools, because I am not.” “I am a woman who, like any other, has the freedom and desire to express herself as she wishes, men do too. At this point there is no reason to be alarmed, the trouble is to take that out of context ”.


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