Shikabala suspended for 8 months spoils the joy of Zamalek

Cairo: «The Gulf»

The Egyptian Football Association announced the suspension of Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala, captain of the Zamalek club, for 8 months and a fine of half a million pounds, after the events that accompanied the crowning of “Al-Abyad” with the 13th league title in its history.

According to the federation’s statement, Shikabala’s suspension came to repeat the excitement of the fans, insulting the federation, disrespecting the coronation ceremonies, verbal abuse, and contact with officials of the system and the federation after the match itself.

Hazem Imam was also suspended for 4 matches for his unsportsmanlike behavior, and Zamalek was fined 200,000 pounds for insulting his fans, union officials, and for fans to take to the field.

A quarrel occurred during the coronation between Shikabala and the head of the temporary committee for the management of the Egyptian Football Association, Ahmed Megahed, during the coronation.

Mujahid refused to open the stadium door to the excluded Zamalek players, to celebrate the title on the floor of the Petrosport stadium in Cairo.

Shikabala entered into a fist fight with Mujahid, which would have developed without the intervention of Hussein Labib, the interim president of Zamalek.

Shikabala refused to receive the shield with his colleagues, but he was with them again after Mujahid’s departure.


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