Shin Tae-yong reveals the reason for not playing Evan Dimas and Nadeo


U-23 Indonesian national team successful 2-0 win over Tira Persikabo. But in testing it was a figure Evan Dimas and Nadeo Argawinata not played. Why?

Evan Dimas is one of the players who often appears as a starter for each national team. But his role in the trial against Tira Persikabo, Friday (5/3/2021), he lost to Kadek Agung.

Kadek himself became one of the players who managed to present the winning goal for the U-23 national team. Meanwhile, Muhammad Riyandi took over Nadeo’s role this time.

Indonesian National Team Coach, Shin Tae-yong, revealed the reason behind parking Evan and Nadeo in last night’s match at the Intermediate Stadium, GBK.

“For Evan Dimas is in a state of injury so he can’t play,” Shin Tae-yong told reporters.

“As for Nadeo, he has good abilities but will probably be played in the next match,” he continued.

Shin Tae-yong has prepared two trial matches in the direction of the 2021 Vietnam SEA Games. Apart from hosting Tira Persikabo, Garuda Muda will also face Bali United on Sunday (7/3/2021).

In these two trial matches, Shin Tae-yong said, he would use different player compositions to see the quality of his players, especially new players.

“So there are some new players and they played in the match against Tira because they worked hard in training. I am currently testing new players to see what their abilities are,” he said.

“Against Bali will be the same as this because the players played are different from tonight. So I will also test like this,” he stressed.

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