shine bright “Liu Dehua” celebrates a birthday with fans at the age of 60, handsome, dark and tender.

annually at “Liu Dehua”, a famous Hong Kong actor Often celebrate their own birthday with fans. This year, when the subject has to celebrate the age of 60, he would like to organize an online meeting to keep his distance. but still handsome as usual

Liu Dehua’s mini-concert on Sept. 26 marked his birthday a day before his birthday on Sept. 27, at the age of 60. He carried his hit song. In 1994, Forget Love Potion, The Moon Represents My Heart, and her new track Till The End, released in July, celebrated 40 years in the entertainment industry.

Before singing Forget Love Potion, he said to the fans, “I had to ask everyone if they still remember this song? I’ve been singing for many years time passed very quickly this time last year I also prepared a live broadcast for everyone to see. But it seems like it’s only been a few days.”

The 15-minute clip was uploaded to Andy World Club. He also talked about his life over the past two years, stating that he was quarantined three times in Guangzhou and Beijing, where he himself. He had just come out of quarantine for the third time, stating that he did nothing when he was quarantined.

which Liu Dehua also revealed that In the past, he worked hard when he was in a hotel where he had to read scripts and exercise: “But now, 21 days, I hardly do anything, very lazy, just eat and sleep. I want to gain a bit more weight but I don’t have to gain weight.”

He concluded by praying that this epidemic would end quickly. In order to meet the fans in life to celebrate next year’s birthday.


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