Shini said, “After ‘Saek Immediate Construction’, I caught a celebrity’s disease and it tasted a little bit… Operate a chicken restaurant in Daegu”

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Actor Shin-i, who is well-known for the movie ‘Saek Immediate Gong’, has released a recent situation.

On the 10th, on the YouTube channel ‘Recent Olympiad’, ‘The current status of the actress in color… A video titled ‘I went to a Daegu chicken restaurant’ was uploaded.

First of all, on this day, Shin-i said, “I am running a chicken restaurant named after him in Daegu.”

Shin-i smiled with a joke saying, “I’m doing all the interior and delivery services. I’m an actor who specializes in coffee shops, so I rode motorcycles a lot.”

Shin-yi, who gained popularity in 2007 with the movie ‘Shak Immediate Construction’, said, “At first, people were disappointed when they saw me. I hid my face too much.” He said, “I learned to swear. Actually, I have that side of me. Now I’m over forty. That’s why I’m just coming out,” he shuddered.

Shin-yi then recalled her heyday and said, “Because I became a lead actor, the company picked me a van. It was a van, not a carnival.” “At that time, I honestly had a bit of a taste. I was afflicted with a celebrity disease. I covered it up,” he confessed frankly.

He also said, “There were times when the director said, ‘He’s good, so do what he tells you’, and the staff (producer) applauded after one cut.” He said, “I’m crazy about that. It’s like a drug.”

On the other hand, Shin-i, who ran only looking ahead only with greed for success, but realized that it was useless after his father passed away, said, “I cry every day when I wake up, and I used to stare blankly at the outside scenery through the window in my room thinking, ‘What am I doing?” It’s been 3 years. It’s been very difficult. It’s a little better now. I’m currently writing a screenplay for a web drama about a father and a daughter.”

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