Shinji Mikami believes developers reach their full potential in their 30s

Shinji Mikami He is one of the most respected video game creators in the world being the father of the saga Resident Evil and other great titles of the survival horror how Dino Crisis or, more recently, The Evil Within from the hand of Tango Gameworks and Bethesda.

Mikami is now preparing the release of her new work, Ghostwire: Tokyo, while giving different interviews to promote this work and review the current state of the video game industry and how this genius sees different aspects of it.

Speaking for the Archipel YouTube channel, specialized in videos about Japanese developers, Mikami has talked about the life of the developer and what he considers to be the when creating new works, something that “changes depending on the experience you have” but which he considers to be around thirty.

Chen you are young you have a good sense for doing things. Your energy, your heart, and your stamina are better when you are young. However, you lack experience so even if you have good common sense it is not mature enough to gather things or just show them to the players“, he comments.

On the other hand, when you gain experience you become more effective in meeting the needs of the players. Yet your vigor begins to fade. Making a game requires a lot of energy, you spend a lot of time and it takes a toll on your stamina“, continues.”So, I think video game creators reach their peak of form in their thirties if they combine their skills. I believed Resident Evil 4 when I was 39 and I think I reached my peak“.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is the longest project of his career

Mikami is the Director of Ghostwire: Tokyo, his new video game that will arrive this year on our consoles and that he himself assures that it is the longest project of his career starting with its pre-production phase a few years ago and becoming more directly involved last year as project manager.


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