Shinji Mikami looks back on his 30-year career and the birth of Resident Evil in a documentary

55 years old, Shinji Mikami started his career 30 years ago at Capcom, and the entire video game world knows him for having designed the licenses Resident Evil and Dino Crisis, among others. To celebrate these three decades of career, Archipelago went to meet the Japanese designer to review his creations.

After being introduced by an arcade friend with a game of wrestling, Shinji Mikami applied to Capcom and got the job after some rather funny hiccups. A few titles were developed, and the designer found himself leading a team to make a horror game, which originally featured ghosts and spirits, and mostly a first person camera. Finally, it is Resident Evil with zombies and stationary cameras which came out in 1995, after a development guided by the technical limitations of the PlayStation. Shinji Mikami will take revenge on Resident Evil 4 to make the real horror game of his dreams, more action-oriented though. The documentary is stuffed with little development anecdotes, like the birth of Dino Crisis due to the departure of a director who left his team behind, Mikami directing them towards the design of a horror game similar to Resident Evil, but with an island atmosphere King Kong with dinosaurs.

Shinji Mikami also discusses the difficulties of being a producer and having to discuss his ideas with the director and his vision of real fear., all interspersed with short trips in Ferrari or on a swing, because yes, the Japanese designer also knows how to have fun when needed! However, this is only the first part of this documentary produced by Archipelago, see you on October 29 to find out more, this time probably with information on the games designed by Grasshopper Manufacture and especially the creation of Tango Gameworks, his studio founded in 2010, already well known for The Evil Within and who is currently developing Ghostwire: Tokyo. To learn more about the creation of Resident Evil, you can find the book Resident Evil. Zombies and men at € 29.99 at the Fnac.

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