Shizuko Kasagi’s biological mother didn’t accept that she was her mother…The fierce upbringing of the Showa star who found out she was an adopted child at the age of 17 Born to the son of a prominent family in Kagawa and a maid, she was put up for foster care | PRESIDENT Online online)

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Shizuko Kasagi was active as the “Queen of Boogie” during the Showa era when the music world was in full swing, but she was not blessed with the love of her immediate family in her private life. Writer Makoto Aoyama says, “Shizuko’s parents ran a public bath in Osaka, but Shizuko was actually adopted by her adoptive mother in her hometown of Kagawa.When Shizuko was 17 years old, she learned of this fact. It was the biggest shock of my life.”

*This article was written by Makoto Aoyama.Shizuko Kasagi: The story of the “Queen of Boogie” that colored Japan in the Showa eraThis is a re-edited version of a portion of ” (Kadokawa Bunko).

17-year-old Shizuko, who began her career in Shochiku Girls’ Opera, moved to Kagawa Prefecture.

In 1931, Shizuko (later known as Shizuko Kasagi) turned 17 years old. If she was enrolled in a girls’ school, she would be at an age where her relatives and acquaintances would start talking about marriage, which would be around the time she graduated. However, she was so busy practicing her singing and performing on stage that she didn’t even have time to be interested in the opposite sex.

From being a trainee, she was officially hired by the music theater club and is now an indispensable presence on the Shochiku Girls’ Opera stage. In order to survive in this world, she practiced singing even harder. He was being given more and more important roles, and stage rehearsals began to take a long time. By the end of a two-week performance, I’m always so exhausted both physically and mentally that I feel like I’m going to collapse.

I’m not physically strong to begin with. Due to overwork, my bronchial tubes worsen and I end up in bed. For the time being, we have no choice but to take a break from the stage. Her worried mother Ume decides to return home with her Shizuko and her younger brother Hachiro. She seems to have thought that it would be better for her to rest for a while in Shikoku, where the air is cleaner, than to stay in Osaka.

About 5 to 6 kilometers west of Hiketa Hiketa in Kagawa Prefecture, there is Shiratori Shirotori Beach, a scenic spot with a beautiful view of white sand, green pine trees, and Isho. When a station was opened nearby in the Showa period, the number of vacationers increased and inns and souvenir shops began to be built in front of the station. She decided not to visit her parents’ home, but instead decided to stay here with her parents and their three children.

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Shizuko’s biological father was the heir to the village’s most prestigious family.

He has not told his relatives about his return home. She wanted to avoid being known by Shizuko’s birthplace, the Mitani family. Shortly after Shizuko was born, her father, Mitani Chenpei, fell ill and passed away. Then, the attitude of the Mitani family, who had been ignoring Shizuko’s presence, suddenly changed. Every time I went back to her parents’ house, she started asking me to bring her to her mansion.

Shizuko’s grandfather, Eigoro Mitani, was a dignified man with a long white beard like General Nogi. When Shizuko performs the songs and dances she has just learned, the old man loses his stern demeanor and reveals a sullen smile. A memento of her late son. When I think about it, I’m sure it makes me feel emotional.

However, as Shizuko grew up, Ume began to refuse to let her go to the mansion for various reasons. After she entered elementary school, she has no recollection of going to the Mitani house.

Ume was afraid that Shizuko would know the secret of her birth. There is also. Her uncle probably wanted to avoid that.

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