Shocking Bus Attack: Drunken Man Assaults Passengers and Police Officers on Walloon Holidays Bus

2023-09-19 17:19:07

A drunken man who was returning Monday evening by bus from the Walloon Holidays attacked one of the passengers near Forville (Fernelmont), the Namur prosecutor’s office said on Tuesday. He then punched the police officers who intervened.

The events occurred around 9:30 p.m. on the Namur-Hannut line. The individual attacked most of the passengers but targeted one in particular, who was slapped and kicked. The police were called to intervene but the individual did not calm down when they arrived. He thus struck the officers, who called for reinforcements to control him. Once arrested, the man also damaged the police suit before being placed in a cell.

Investigative duties are underway. In addition, the alleged perpetrator, the victim, a witness present on the bus, but also the injured police officers must all be heard. At the same time, the prosecution is trying to get their hands on possible images from the bus’s surveillance cameras.

However, for the time being, no report has been produced.

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