Shocking Revealing of Kochin Model About Drug Parties Hear Full Audio Clip Special Report | No one will bring it in hand; After the party, a large amount of drunkenness will arrive, afraid to stay away – audio

Kochi: The model in Kochi is opening up about the true horror of DJ parties and after parties in the state. He has attended parties in Ernakulam and Thiruvananthapuram in the last two years.

Nobody comes to parties drunk. But in the after parties there is a lot of drunkenness. I don’t know where it comes from or who brings it. MDMA, Happy pills and LSD are widely used in such parties.

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It destroyed the family life of many people. The drug is unique in that it can manipulate consent. Nothing is known about its hangover. I know many children who later went into depression.

Such parties are held in many major hotels of the state. It is used knowingly and unknowingly. The model also reveals that there is undreamt-of solidarity among people.

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