Shocking: the first images of Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil came to light

Emma Stone as Cruella (Photo: Trailer Cruella, Disney)

Oscar winner for La La Land, Emma Stone continues to rise. The actress who was born 32 years ago in Scottsdale, Arizona, now puts her body on Cruella de Vil, the iconic evil that Disney created fifty years ago. Because in 1961 the entertainment giant delivered that classic cartoon called 101 Dalmatians and that, like few others, it would leave a villain and not a heroine in the collective imagination.

In line with the trend of Disney to offer reversals of its animated classics, this new proposal has a luxury cast, full-fledged set and great economic bet. Because, as well as Angelina Jolie it was Maleficent in 2014, now it is the turn of Cruella, with Emma, ​​to premiere in Argentina on May 27, 2021.

The official trailer for Cruella (Video: Trailer Cruella, Disney)

The focus of this story? It portrays the first rebellious days of Cruella de Vil and it’s set in the 70s in London and in the middle of the punk rock revolution. In the advance the character of the Baronesa by Hellman, played by two-time Oscar winner Emma Thompson. And the plus? The relentless wardrobe of the multi-award winner Jenny Beavan. Because if we talk about Cruella, their looks and styling could not be half way.

Major challenge for Emma Stone, who is actually called Emily Jean Stone. Legend has it that when he went to join the Screen Actors Guild he found that Emily Stone was already registered. In a hurry to complete the process, she looked for a stage name to illuminate her. And he had no better idea than to pay tribute to Emma Bunton, the most baby of the Spice Girls, his idol then. It seems that, both consecrated women, met in person two years ago, in a recital that revived the successes of the British band of the 90s.

Emma Stone with Cruella's Dalmatians (Photo: Cruella Trailer, Disney)

Emma Stone with Cruella’s Dalmatians (Photo: Cruella Trailer, Disney)

Emma was just fifteen when she found out she wanted to be an actress. Far from what is predestined and even paved for children born in California, his path was very hazardous: he came from Arizona. Emma – or rather Emily – came on stage as part of a therapy recommended by her psychologist. At the age of seven he had started with panic attacks and acting was an inexorable vehicle for him to channel so much anxiety.

Emma Stone stars in a film that stands out for its costumes (Photo: Trailer Cruella, Disney)

Emma Stone stars in a film that stands out for its costumes (Photo: Trailer Cruella, Disney)

Nothing was easy for the young girl who, pursuing a dream, moved to Los Angeles and only in 2007 did she make her film debut as part of Superbad, a movie starring Jonah Hill Y Michael Cera. After yes, everything was growth until the consecration for his leading role in La La Land, in 2016, when he did not reach the age of 30. An award that also places her in the privilege shared with few to win for her role in a musical. Something that phenomenal actresses of the stature of Julie Andrews, Barbra Streisand, Liza Minelli y Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Emma Stone stars in the Disney classic (Photo: Trailer Cruella, Disney)

Emma Stone stars in the Disney classic (Photo: Trailer Cruella, Disney)

Intimate friend of Jennifer Lawrence, affections are a fundamental part of the life of Emma, ​​who in September of last year married the screenwriter Dave McCary and that you are pregnant with your first child. Although none of this is shared in networks – because it does not have – nor does it like to tell in interviews.

Red carpet for Emma Stone (EFE / EPA / ETIENNE LAURENT / Archive)

Red carpet for Emma Stone (EFE / EPA / ETIENNE LAURENT / Archive)

He did speak of a beautiful tattoo on his wrist. They are two legs of a bird to refer to the union with his mother who overcame breast cancer and who, along with her, is a fan of Blackbird, the great song of Paul McCartney. Not minor detail: the Beatle himself designed the tatoo – as simple as it is perfect – at the request of the actress. And without a doubt that, as the song says, this is Emma’s moment to fly … Like the relentless Cruella, now you have a new chance to show how far you can go.


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