Shohei Ohtani and pitcher Hessla also “do not resist” Muddy “Wake to be loved” overflowing from the fifth win | Full-Count

First strike → Muddy with pick-off ball → Successful second steal → Return to home base

■ Angels 6-2 Rockies (27th Japan time, Anaheim)

Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani scored his fifth major win against the Rockies on the 26th (27th Japan time). He participated in “No. 2 pitcher” and made a good pitch with 5 hits and 1 run in 7 innings with 5 strikeouts and walks. In the first hit, he hit the first right front in a timely manner, which was the final point. 4 at bats, 1 hit, 1 RBI, 1 stolen base, batting average .277. The team won 3 consecutive victories 6-2 and saved 1.

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It was like a high school baseball player. The first baseman without death immediately after his first baseman jumped out. Otani returned to Hessla with a pick-off ball repeatedly and soiled his white uniform with dirt. After one death, he decides to steal the 14th base this season. He called in Walsh’s second goal, the team’s timely hit.

“It’s better to score points so that you can throw for a long time. It’s a situation where you can score another point. It’s more important for you to throw firmly to the second base.” Showed the rise of no goals in the first time, and got involved in 2 goals in the first attack. It was a shocking 15 minutes that should be called “The Otani Shohei”.

Always play as hard as you can to win the team. The pitcher’s return to Hessla also said, “There is no resistance.” If he had done it during the Nippon-Ham era, his teacher, Kuriyama, would have been furious. Dangerous play that makes you feel the danger of breakdown from the surroundings (of course I think that he is confident that he will not be injured). However, this is also one of the attractions that many fans cannot take their eyes off of Otani. It was the first time for Japan and the United States to steal a base when pitching. “I don’t really think about it strangely. I don’t think it’s because of that (running base) that the rhythm was broken,” he said.

Pitching with a fastball over 160 km as a weapon is second to none. Calmly analyze the opponent batter and always search for the probability of winning. “Today I felt like I was doing” changing ball care “after two strikes. So instead of going straight to strike out, the slider was good today. Even if I was targeted. If you throw it out firmly, you can strike it out. ” Instead of relying on the biggest game split, he used the sliders and cut balls that he called “third and fourth” to sink the Rockies hit line.

From the first rampage, he threw the longest tie seven times this season without feeling out of gas. Moreover, in the final 99th ball, he released the fastest 99.7 miles (about 160.5 km) of the day. “I was able to get a good ball speed in the last round, and I finished with a certain amount of physical strength. It may change depending on the number of balls, but I think I was able to do it at my own pace until the end. increase”. It was the 5th win of the major self, which makes us feel the potential of the bottomless.

(Masaya Kotani)


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