Shohei Ohtani digs up the history of 146 years ago, and hits a big record since the “National League Founding Year” | Full-Count

If he leads the team in at-bats and innings pitched, he will be the first player on the team since Jim Devlin in 1876.

Pitcher Shohei Ohtani of the Angels has pitched 153 innings this season with a 14-8 record, a 2.47 ERA, and 635 at bats with a .273 batting average, 152 hits and 34 homers. The Angels’ local broadcaster, Ballysports West, compared the performance of two-way players in 1876. It emphasizes Otani’s historical achievement.

“Bally Sports West” introduced “team leader in number of at-bats and innings pitched” on official Twitter as a statistic after the American Civil War (1861-65), and Jim Devlin (Louisville Grays) in 1876. Compare Otani’s numbers this season. Devlin finished the year with 299 plate appearances and 622 innings pitched. Devlin’s 622 innings pitched, 68 starts, 122 strikeouts, and 66 complete games that year were all league-leading figures. 1876 ​​was the year the National League was founded. Ohtani once again pried open the history of the early days of baseball.

Fox Sports analyst Ben Verlander reacted to the numbers. “What a remarkable stat. Can’t wait for Shohei Ohtani to pitch 469 tomorrow and match the former Jim Devlin,” he wrote on Twitter.

Otani is nine innings away from reaching his first regular pitching in the majors. What kind of pitch will he show in the Athletics match on the 29th (30th Japan time), which is scheduled to start?

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