Shohei Ohtani is “the god of baseball” “isn’t it?”

Received the “Men’s Best Player Award” for the first time in Japan at the “ESPY Award”

On the 20th (21st Japan time), pitcher Shohei Ohtani of the Angels won the “Best Male Player Award” for the first time in Japan at the “ESPY Award”, which is the annual award of the sports world sponsored by the US Sports Bureau ESPN. The feat of being the fifth person from the baseball world for the first time in 23 years was flooded with congratulatory comments from fans.

When MLB official Twitter announced Otani’s award as “Shohei Otani!”, Fans said, “This is why Otani is the best baseball player in history.” “The god of baseball.” “Very suitable!” “Baseball is It’s a great surprise to be evaluated at last. “” It’s really, isn’t it all American sports? “

At the “ESPY Award”, also known as the Academy Award in the sports world, Otani won not only the “Men’s Most Valuable Player Award” but also the “MLB Best Player Award” for the second time in a row. He won the “double crown”.

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