Shohei Ohtani, “What a swing!”

5 times 2 bases loaded with a great opportunity to win in the opposite direction 2 points timely

■ Marlins-Angels (7th Japan time, Miami)

Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani participated in the match against the enemy land Marlins at the same time with “No. 3 pitcher and DH” on the 6th (7th Japan time). In the 5th inning, when he had two at-bats, he marked a two-point hit in front of the left. Mark Gubicza, a commentator of the local broadcasting station “Barry Sports West”, also praised “What a swing! This guy is an unbelievable bubble” for an ideal hit according to the situation, not a heavy hit.

The bases loaded with two deaths in the 5th inning, which was greeted by 1-1. He hit back in the opposite direction from Rogers, the left arm of the first match. Two points in front of the left in a timely manner. He made a guts pose while running to first base. He was 28 years old on his birthday on the 5th and became his first hit.

“You understand how important it is to him and the team,” Gubiza emphasized. The team has lost four games in a row. At the first time, Otani, who is the stopper of the losing streak, was able to greatly support himself because he allowed the first move due to a mistake by his teammates.

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