Shohei Ohtani’s ball “falls off the table” Fans are stunned by the change and speed | Full-Count

Speed ​​ball is not the only ball that can only be missed, Otani’s weapon

■ Athletics 4-1 Angels (20th Japan time, Oakland)

The “fireball split” thrown by pitcher Shohei Ohtani of the Angels has surprised fans. With the ball dropping sharply from a speed of nearly 145 kilometers, the video introduced by MLB official Twitter was followed by comments such as “I couldn’t hit” and “I fell off the table.”

This is one ball thrown to the lead Mark Canha six times in the match against the enemy land Athletics on the 19th (20th Japan time). Although it was a high speed of 90 mph (about 144.8 km), it fell sharply in front of the batter, and Kana, who had no choice but to reach out, struck out. Otani’s weapon proves to be more than just a speedball approaching 100 miles.

Despite having such a ball speed, the movement of the ball as if it was suddenly dragged by the attractive force is out of the ordinary. Fans continue to wonder, “What is that 90-mile move …” and “What is that plunge?” And some fans pointed out that it was “arguably the best ball in the world” and that it was a major 1 impregnable ball.

[Video]There is no choice but to swing in the air !? Shohei Ohtani throws a super-fast split


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