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Shohei Otani’s feat is “not even half” Many historical records dug up in the 15th win | Full-Count

by archyde

6th 10K & 2 hits this season for the first time in 57 years, 15 wins & ERA of 2.35 & strikeout rate of 11.91 are legendary

■ Angels 4-2 Athletics (Japan time 30th, Anaheim)

On the 29th (Japan time 30th), pitcher Shohei Ohtani of the Angels pitched 8 innings, 10 strikeouts, 2 hits and no runs against the Athletics, marking his 15th win of the season. After allowing the first batter to walk, he didn’t let out a single runner until the 8th inning with 2 outs. In addition to the pitch that made him feel like the third Japanese feat, he also hit the 40th multi-hit season with the bat, including the first timely hit. His batting success has set many records.

OptaSTATS, which deals with North American sports records, pays attention to Otani’s achievements since his first year. Rookie of the Year, hits for the cycle, 45 homers and 25 stolen bases in the season, king of triples, unanimous MVP, 200 strikeouts in the season, 15 wins in the season, and 7 items, saying, “In the history of the majors, no player has achieved even half of his achievements. There is no one else,” he said with surprise.

MLB.com’s record buff Sarah Langs took note of the savvy stats. “Double-digit strikeout + RBI” is the sixth time this season. Since 1920 when RBI became an official record, it is said to be the first time in 57 years since Hall of Fame pitcher Sandy Koufax (Dodgers) recorded it in 1965. In addition, Langs said, “Double-digit strikeouts + multiple hits” is the fourth time this season. In modern baseball after 1901, it is said that it has been since Dwight Gooden (Mets), also known as “Doctor K” in 1985.

Playing a show with a strikeout rate of 11.91, he has 15 wins and an ERA of 2.35, which is Cy Young Award-class pitcher performance. According to Angels record enthusiast Matt Birch, only two players have beaten Ohtani in these three divisions: Randy Johnson (Mariners) in 1997 and Pedro Martinez (Red Sox) in 1999. Johnson is a five-time Cy Young Award winner. Martinez was elected three times, including being unanimously elected in the same year. Both are Hall of Fame pitchers.

The official Twitter of “MLB Stats”, which reports various records of the major leagues, said that the batter’s 88 points, 34 home runs, 6 items such as OPS. I told you. His next pitch is scheduled for the final game of the season against the Athletics on October 5 (6th). He’s 162 regular innings pitched, and he’s only one inning left. What kind of historical record will be unearthed from now on?

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