Shooting in Minneapolis leaves one dead and 11 injured

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A shooting at a popular night life area of Minneapolis on the Sunday morning left one person dead and 11 injured in a chaotic scene that sent people to seek refuge in restaurants and other businesses.

The shooting started shortly before midnight in the trendy neighborhood of Uptown Minneapolis, a nightlife area full of bars, restaurants and stores like Apple and Fjallraven.

At first, the police reported that 10 people had been admitted to the hospital with “wounds of varying severity”, but corrected the figures in a tweet published shortly after 3 in the morning. The man died in the hospital, not in the scene, they noted the authorities. None of the injuries was considered life-threatening.

The police said they believed that there was more than one assailant, described as a “people walk”. There have been arrests and authorities have not said that could have provoked the shooting. All the injured were adults.

A video posted on Facebook showed the scene after the shooting. Shouts and saw small groups of people, some leaning towards the victims on the floor before the arrival of several police officers on bike to meet them.

Fred Hwang, manager of the restaurant Hoban Korean BBQ, said he was working when he heard gunshots coming from the sidewalk a few stores away. He described hearing “several shots” and said that they seemed to be groups of people soaring together.

“People were trying to get to a restaurant,” he said. “It was a very spooky… We have bullet holes in our restaurant, on the wall and on the things. Our front glass was shattered. Then, while the people who were here began to panic and run through all walls, breaking this and that, it was very chaotic,” he said.

On the other side of the street from the site where the shootings started, in a store shared by the Uptown Theater and a shoe business, a police officer inspected the Sunday showcase and a door shattered and you could see a bullet hole in the entry. The Uptown is located 5 kilometers (3 miles) to the west of the business district of Minneapolis and the neighborhood was shaken by riots after the death of George Floyd which occurred on may 25 at the hands of the police of the city. Some violent acts of this period was extended to Uptown and many shops are still covered with wooden boards.



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