Shopping malls, airports, medical schools… Lee and Li, who have divergent positions on the local long-awaited project

Lee “Public Medical College in Namwon”…尹, warm color
尹 “Jeju’s 2nd Airport”… Lee “You have to be careful”
Gwangju Shopping Mall is a promise… Lee also “review”

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‘Gwangju Shopping Complex, Jeju Second Airport, Jeonbuk Namwon Public Medical University.’

Democratic Party presidential nominee Lee Jae-myung and People’s Strength candidate Yoon Seok-yeol have announced regional campaign promises that reflect the needs of various parts of the country, but they are showing differences of opinion on some projects. It is analyzed that the differing positions of the two candidates considering each party’s support base and party theory will have a significant impact on local votes.

According to politicians on the 27th, the controversy over the Gwangju shopping mall is a hot potato that the opposition and opposition parties have been fighting for over 10 days. People’s Power Representative Lee Jun-seok argued at a rally in Gwangju on the 24th, saying, “The shopping mall complex is a very small and symbolic expression of rights that have been deprived of the logic and understanding of local Toho politicians.” The previous day, Democratic Party lawmaker Jo Oh-seop criticized it as “a typical ‘Ilbe’ method that separates Gwangju from other cities and provinces and induces isolation.”

Shopping malls, airports, medical schools… Lee, Li, who has divergent positions on 'local long-awaited project'

Candidate Yoon formalized the attraction of the Gwangju complex shopping mall in the promise book announced on the 24th. Candidate Lee opposed entering the shopping mall in consideration of the livelihoods of small business owners and self-employed people during the 2017 presidential election, but on the 18th, he turned to the position of “making a reasonable compromise”. The Democrats are also preparing alternatives as the ‘Honam neglect theory’ spreads.

‘Establishment of Jeju 2nd Airport’ is also a promise with differing views between the two candidates. Candidate Yoon visited Jeju on the 5th and said, “We will promote the construction of the second Jeju airport as soon as possible to strengthen aviation safety by dispersing aviation demand and securing additional demand.” Candidate Lee said, “It is difficult to assert which direction to take at the second airport because the debate among residents is very intense and the policies between government departments are different.” Those in favor of the 2nd airport are promoting the revitalization of the local economy, while those who oppose it are concerned about the loss of Jeju’s unique culture and environmental destruction due to the increase in tourists. In a poll released by Gallup Korea on the 19th, the opposition (47%) slightly exceeded that in favor (44.1%).

The biggest issue in Namwon is the establishment of a public medical college. Candidate Lee visited Namwon on the 4th and said, “It is right to implement it as soon as possible.” Candidate Yoon expressed a cautious stance, saying, “It is necessary to review the local doctor discharge system called public medical schools.”

In the 21st National Assembly, the People’s Power opposed the establishment of a public medical school promoted by the government and the ruling party, and set up an opposing angle. It is known that the opposition from the medical community, such as the Korean Medical Association, was not formidable.

In the Gangwon region, the two candidates faced off in the frame of ‘peace’ and ‘economic’. Candidate Lee made a pledge to establish a ‘Peace Special Self-Governing Province’, which is being promoted by Gangwon Governor Choi Moon-soon, a member of the Democratic Party, and others. In preparation for the resumption of tourism on Mt. Geumgang, it includes the expansion of social overhead capital (SOC) facilities and the promotion of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) ecological park. Candidate Yoon faced off with the ‘Special Economic Self-Governing Province’. It has come up with a ‘self-reliance strategy’ that enables Gangwon-do to live well on its own through innovative regulatory reforms and fostering new growth businesses.

The biggest issue in the Gyeongbuk region is ‘nuclear power generation’. Candidate Lee focused on investing in the decommissioning market and developing treatment technology using nuclear power rather than installing additional nuclear power plants. Candidate Lee’s idea is to build a large-scale hydrogen production complex in Uljin, an area affected by nuclear power loss. Candidate Yoon announced that he would abolish the nuclear phase-out policy and resume construction of Shin-Hanul Units 3 and 4.

It also pledged to support the development and commercialization of next-generation nuclear power plants, including small module nuclear power plants (SMR).

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